Professor’s Gay Pet | MM College Erotica

A Sample from Professor’s Gay Pet | MM College Erotica

And thatgay erotica free professor college student was the first time I saw Professor Richard Black. He looked at me over the rim of his stylish glasses, with gray eyes that radiated intelligence. If being a leader in his field didn’t make him intimidating enough, he was also incredibly hot.

Under his pale blue dress shirt, I could tell he was fit. His strong, tanned forearms, revealed by sleeves pushed up at the elbows, reinforced this. He was in his thirties, a man in his prime. At once he was put together, but also had stubble that told me he stayed up late, worked hard, was anything but a pampered tenured professor at our Ivy League school.

Suddenly I realized I was staring at him like an idiot. “Hi,” I mumbled.

“Lost?” Professor Black asked in a deep, sexy voice that I wouldn’t mind listening to the rest of semester. Students who knew me were trying not to laugh. Continue reading

My Crush’s Brother | Bradley & Zack

Sample from My Crush’s Brother | Bradley & Zack

MyCrushsBrother_03All the seniors from Newhal Beach High School crammed in Dan Freely’s camper parked on the edge of the sand. The wind ripped outside, and a party ripped inside.

I smashed myself between Rachel and her brother, Bradley, on the little hippy couch against the wall, handing her a fresh beer.

“Where’s my beer, honey?” he teased, throwing a thickly muscled arm around my shoulder. Our friends laughed, and I laughed right along, mostly because I was a bit intimidated by him. He knew I wanted to bang his sister and no amount of childhood friendship could erase that.

“Coming, love, gimme a kiss,” I teased back, puckering my lips at him. Brad laced a hand through my hair and drew me in. Drunk with happiness, fun, and a few shots, I let him press his lips to mine. His beard scraped against my chin and lips. Continue reading

Bought by my Step (Gay Taboo Cuckold)

A Sample from Bought by my Step

Taboo_Cuckold_03I knew that my wife needed more action in her life. I wasn’t willing to share her, but maybe I could share myself. The desperation to hold onto made me consider Nick’s proposal again and again.

But underneath this supposed reason, I knew the truth. If I didn’t get another taste of my stepbrother, I’d go crazy.

The three of us soaked in the jacuzzi. It was late, by now, and everyone had gone to bed or was spending the evening in the bar. The night looked beautiful, with more stars than I’d ever seen in my life.

“My liver is not enjoying this trip as much as I am,” Hannah said, stirring a cocktail she’d swiped from the bar.  Continue reading

Taboo Cuckold (MMF Stepbrother Domination)

A Sample from Taboo Cuckold

Taboo_Cuckold“Welcome back, handsome. Change your mind?” Ada lounged on the bed in our cabin, a glass of wine held loosely in her hand. Ren dragged me in through the door. “Oh!”

He tossed me on the bed on the other side of Ada, a feat of strength that impressed us both. “What’s the meaning of this?” my wife asked, saving her wine from a spill. “Have you lost your mind.”

“He wants—”

“—Shut up. You wanna take a ride on the wild side? How ‘bout this. I’m gonna pound your puny husband while you watch his punishment.” Ren pointed a thick finger at my wife. She took his hand in both of hers then delicately, tantalizingly, guided it past her full lips. She sucked once, with a look in her eyes that made my dick ache, then said, Continue reading

My Crush’s Brother | Adam & Jared

Sample from My Crush’s Brother | Adam & Jared

MyCrushsBrother_02…when they asked if I wanted to go with them to get ice, I said I’d better take care of the rest of the packing.

As soon as the front door shut, I made a dash for the bathroom. One wank wouldn’t take too long, right?

I dropped my swim trunks.

On screen, my phone came to life with a video of Lisa’s perfect, pink pussy, and her manicured fingers sliding in and out. Her delicious wetness shined tauntingly. I was hard in an instant and stroking furiously over the toilet. It was dirty and weird to be doing this in the bathroom of her home, in the middle of the day, surrounded by all her girly things and her irresistible scent, but I had to jerk one out. Otherwise, I’d be going crazy all day.  Continue reading

Let your Desires be Heard!

Futa Experiment | I Grew a…

Sample from Futa Experiment | I Grew a…

FutaExperiments_01“How many days a week do you orgasm?”

I looked up from the candy bowl on Dr. Sampson Stein’s desk, red in the face. “Oh, I… never counted.”

“Try to remember.” He positioned his pen eagerly over his clipboard.

“Maybe… five times?” I watched him scrawl, straightening his glasses, which masked his handsome face with a geek facade.

“That’s an impressive masterbation to rest ratio. And what, typically, do you think about when you masterbate?” My cheeks glowed brighter. Why him, of course. Always. “You can list, maybe a few things. Just in general.”

“Men,” I answered, “Brainy men with red hair, glasses,” I put on my most seductive voice. “And six-packs.” Continue reading

Futa Cops | Lock Him Up

A Sample from Futa Cops | Lock Him Up

FutaCops_03I put my hand on the back of her head, forcing her down.

“Chief, I don’t think you understand,” I said to the phone cradled between my ear and shoulder. “It’s not about money. I got your balls in a vice.” In response, my secretary lapped at my balls. I spread my legs wider so she could really get in there. “Mhm.”

“What’re you talking about?” the chief snapped. He wasn’t a guy who typically answered to anyone, and doing so put him on edge.

“I’m saying if you piss me off, I’ll smear your DNA all over a dead hookers pussy. That’s what I’m saying—” He started blathering something. My secretary raised her head again, a string of spit trailing from her full lips to the tip of my dick. I pushed her back down. “—That’s right, I got a nice sample from a girl of mine. Don’t think I don’t think of these things.” Continue reading

My Crush’s Brother | Luke & Tyler

A Sample from My Crush’s Brother | Luke & Tyler

MyCrushsBrother_01“So you just find the tangent of the star and—”

“Tyyyler,” came her sugar sweet voice. My pulse quickened. I’d been waiting for her to ask.

“Yes, uh, Natasha?” I turned around, adjusting my glasses. The gorgeous vixen looked up at me with her forest green eyes, twirling a strand of the red hair I desperately wanted to lose myself in.

“I could really use the help of someone smart.” She placed a creamy white hand on my thigh, under the desk.

“Christ,” sighed one of the three jocks I was helping. But I ignored him. What else could I do with such beauty present?  Continue reading