Bought by my Step (Gay Taboo Cuckold)

A Sample from Bought by my Step

Taboo_Cuckold_03I knew that my wife needed more action in her life. I wasn’t willing to share her, but maybe I could share myself. The desperation to hold onto made me consider Nick’s proposal again and again.

But underneath this supposed reason, I knew the truth. If I didn’t get another taste of my stepbrother, I’d go crazy.

The three of us soaked in the jacuzzi. It was late, by now, and everyone had gone to bed or was spending the evening in the bar. The night looked beautiful, with more stars than I’d ever seen in my life.

“My liver is not enjoying this trip as much as I am,” Hannah said, stirring a cocktail she’d swiped from the bar.  Continue reading

Taboo Cuckold (MMF Stepbrother Domination)

A Sample from Taboo Cuckold

Taboo_Cuckold“Welcome back, handsome. Change your mind?” Ada lounged on the bed in our cabin, a glass of wine held loosely in her hand. Ren dragged me in through the door. “Oh!”

He tossed me on the bed on the other side of Ada, a feat of strength that impressed us both. “What’s the meaning of this?” my wife asked, saving her wine from a spill. “Have you lost your mind.”

“He wants—”

“—Shut up. You wanna take a ride on the wild side? How ‘bout this. I’m gonna pound your puny husband while you watch his punishment.” Ren pointed a thick finger at my wife. She took his hand in both of hers then delicately, tantalizingly, guided it past her full lips. She sucked once, with a look in her eyes that made my dick ache, then said, Continue reading

Stepping with his Friends | 4. Sinning at Church Camp

A Sample from Stepping with his Friends | 4. Sinning at Church Camp

SteppingFriends_04“Truth or dare?”

“Dare.” I always picked dare. If anyone found out the truth about me at Church Camp, I wouldn’t hear the end of it. There’d always been suspicions, and I caught wind of the rumors. But I wasn’t about to come out of the closet in a confessional and definitely not in a drunken game of Truth or Dare in the back of the woods.

“Alright,” said Megan, queen of rumors. Her teasing smile, coupled with the ominous campfire glow under her face, made me nervous. “Kiss your brother.” The other older kids from camp broke out in laughter.  Continue reading

Stepping with his Friends | 3. A Sexy Reunion

A Sample from Stepping with his Friends | 3. A Sexy Reunion

SteppingFriends_03My stomach dropped as the plane lifted off, taking me away from beloved California and back to my parent’s gay-hating small-town home in Minnesota. It was really happening. Dad was dead. And my millionaire stepbrother, Garret, who I hadn’t seen years, was waiting for me. As the miles passed, I let my mind wander back to the last day I saw him.

We were eighteen. Grew up together, so calling him my step was only formal. A lot of people even thought we looked alike, but I couldn’t disagree more. Garret was taller, with broader, well formed shoulders and strong arms. Farmboy arms, I liked to joke. Lifting hay bails in the summers off from high school made him lean and tan. His face, with prominent cheekbones, had an erudite beauty to it. Also, I could never get my hair to tumble into my eyes the way he could. It took some tips from a celebrity hairdresser, years later, for me to master the technique. Good-looks, like everything else, came easily to Garret.  Continue reading

Stepping with his Friends | 2. Getting Jocked

Sample from Stepping with his Friends | 2. Getting Jocked

SteppingFriends_02His hands were rough from the grain of a baseball bat wrung between them. They moved over my body, feeling my hard pecs and down my sides. After years together in a locker room, aching for more, we both sighed. My heart was pounding, my head dizzy with hormones and disbelief. This was my first time kissing another man, and it was even better than I’d hoped.

Blaine’s breathed was hard against my cheek. His tongue moved in tandem with mine, as our lips pressed together. Against the dark of my bedroom, I could see his heavily lashed eyes shut in ecstasy. The heady scent of testosterone flooded my senses.

Blaine’s hardon pressing against my leg through his jeans. Then we locked eyes, wordlessly knowing what the other wanted. As I fumbled with his belt buckle, Blaine ran his fingers through my hair.

“I didn’t know, Kevin. I had no idea.” He’d been saying this all night, as shocked as I was. We’d grown up together, him, me, my stepbrother Tanner, and our buddy Max. We’d all always been close. Now we played ball together for the college team. And all these years he and I suffered with yearning that could’ve been fulfilled this whole time.

I suffered worse than him, though. As I watched Blaine’s long, gorgeous cock bounce out of his pants, I thought maybe I could move on finally, from my stepbrother, Tanner.

*     *     *

The music pounded in my ears and men brushed against my ass as I leaned on the bar. The dance floor was alive with Sway’s gay patrons under the flashing blue and purple lights, but I felt alone. Sipping my jack and coke, I looked around, trying to figure out how to dive into the scene. This was my first time at a gay bar, so I guess it was also my first time publicly admitting how I felt about men.

Hands grabbed my shoulders, kneading. I whirled around to face the bartender. “Relax, guy!” he said, “Get out there! Just start dancing.” He gave me a friendly wink. Based on my straight, jock good looks and tense posture, he must have known. He probably saw lots of first timers here like me.

So I gulped my drink and got out on the floor.

The crowd swallowed me up. I found a dance partner. A cute boy in a tie and casual dress shirt, smaller but fit like me. With him, I danced and found my groove, eventually migrating to an older, distinguished man, a buff guy in leather, a suave Latino. But all the while I was looking for someone else.

Then I saw him. Tight, fit ass, broad shoulders, and tall. From the back, he looked just like my stepbrother. A wave of sexual hunger rippled through me and, feeling bold from my drink, I crossed the floor to him.

He was alone. I put my hands on his hips and he leaned back into me, grinding against my crotch. Excitement consumed me, and in my head, I easily could have been dancing with Tanner.

Then the guy turned around.

“Kevin!?” he gasped.

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Stepping with his Friends | 1. Geek Gets Pounded

Sample from Stepping with his Friends | 1. Geek Gets Pounded

SteppingFriends_01“Am I doing it right?”

“Shh.” I put my hand on the back of Cal’s head and pushed him down into my lap. His hot, wet mouth closed around my cock and I sighed in relief. “You’re doing fine,” I said, sinking back into my computer chair, closing my eyes, and letting the deep waves of ecstasy wash over me.

Cal gagged. I wasn’t big at all, so the novelty of his noises made my balls tighten immediately. I felt his strong hand close around the base of my cock. As he stroked, his muscular, tan forearm flexed.

My friends would never believe this. One of the hottest guys on campus sucking my cock? I could hardly believe it. But despite how lucky I was, I was imagining someone else in my head blowing me.

My stepbrother, Bruce. Cal was his best friend, and had similar good looks, so he was a close second. But nothing turned me on more than remembering the time I’d caught Bruce alone in the shower, jerking off. The soft grunts in his throat as he worked himself closer and closer to orgasm. I wondered what his huge cock would feel like in my hands. And then he was throbbing, shaking. His heavily lashed eyelids fluttered as he bust his nut all over the shower floor.

I thought I’d cum in my pants just standing there watching.

Of course, he never found out what I saw. For a while, I felt guilty. Watching your stepbrother shower was so incredibly wrong. But since Bruce was pretty much a dick, and tormented me constantly for being gay, I decided every time I masterbated to him, it was a little revenge.

“Oh yeah, just like that!” I panted, tightening my grip on the back of Cal’s head. He was flicking his tongue on the underside of my cock, churning his hand around the base just right. He’d hit his stride. “I’m cumming,” I gasped, feeling my balls throb.

“Mmf!” I shot my load right into Cal’s mouth and he started choking.

“C’mon, don’t stop,” I begged, guiding his head back between my legs. It felt funny commanding the big jock, who was two years above me, around. But he kept licking until every last drop of pleasure was out of me.

Spent, I collapsed back into the chair. My hands rested on my chest, my heart was pounding. I could hardly think.

“Here’s the papers.” Cal wiped his mouth and handed me a folder from his backpack, sitting on my dormroom bed.


“Homework,” he reminded me.

“Oh. Duh.” I sat up, composing myself, and took the papers from him. A seven page essay for a BJ. Not a bad deal at all, I thought. I’d never make a trade like that, but Cal was either as dumb as I thought, or really wanted to try some cock with a valid excuse.

“I better get an A,” he said, and to my surprise, he cracked a smile. It sent butterflies through my stomach.

“You will,” I promised, my cock still hard, poking out of the fly of my jeans at Cal.

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Cuckold: Broken by my Wife’s Stepbrother

Sample from Cuckold: Broken by my Wife’s Stepbrother

Cuckold_01In the bedroom, Max stripped his shirt off, tossing it on the floor. I resisted the urge to pick it up and put it in the hamper or something. Tattoos traced up and down his back as well as his arms. He was broad shouldered with a nice V-shape. I didn’t know why he hadn’t picked modeling over repairing telephone lines.

“I’ll sit here and watch,” Niesha said with a kinky smile. She’d stripped down to her finest lingerie and I felt a little weird about her stepbrother seeing her in that. Sure, they weren’t related, but they had grown up together. Guess wealthy familiars are a little fucked up.

As I stripped down completely, revealing my pale, thin form, Max dropped his jeans. Tight, black briefs stretched over his sculpted ass. I was scared to see what he was packing. “Very sexy,” Niesha purred, watching her brother flex for us. I wilted slightly, ashamed. Max flashed Niesha his white toothed smile then turned around. Continue reading

Shared by my Step | 5. Bound

A Sample from Shared by my Step | 5. Bound

Shared_05Oh god, how do I get out of here now? — I thought, heart pounding. My stepbrother, Christian, seemed to have forgotten I was in the bathroom, taking a shower. Either that or he didn’t care. Because now he had a girl I recognized from school, Emma, on her knees. And that was all he really did care about.

“Faster, you little slut,” he said in a voice husky with arousal. Emma moaned, rising up and down between his legs rapidly. “Deeper,” he said, placing a hand on the back of her silky, blonde hair. Poor girl, I thought. My step’s massive dick was way too big for her. He pushed in as deep as he could go, feeling the velvet warmth of her mouth.

I had a huge hardon under my towel. I kept telling myself to just quietly shut the door, get back in the shower, and wait, but my legs wouldn’t move. Instead, I let the towel fall. Stroking myself, I panted along with Christian. Continue reading

The Step Billionaire & the Brat | 3. Disciplined

A Sample from The Step Billionaire & the Brat | 3. Disciplined

Sharesstepbillionaire_03“Mi Cielo, you’re a dirty girl,” Alejandro breathed into my ear. His deep voice gave me shivers of pleasure. But not as much as his hot, Spanish cock pounding my pussy did.

“Only for you,” I lied, pressing my mouth to his full, juicy lips. The bed sheets of my hotel suit twisted around our bodies as we tangled together. Alejandro hefted me easily on top with his strong arms. Straddling his tight, sculpted waist, I rode him, driving his cock deep, and deep again, into my pussy, feeling him fill me.

His face was hard, focused, orgasm rising within him. He let out a primal moan, grabbing my tits. And, throwing my head back, that brought me to peak too. His hot, warm cum filled me as I road him all the way into oblivion.

He was good, but he wasn’t my stepbrother.

Brent Waters’s face lit up on my phone screen. Struggling under my pile of clothes to try on, I hefted the mass onto the rack. “Parents again,” my friend, Lola, asked, giving me a sideways stare.

“Brent,” I said. Her face lit up.

“Ooh, tell him I say hi. He seems awfully concerned about you. Like all the time.” She put her hands on her hips. I grinned devilishly, looking down at his handsome face.

“He knows I’m getting in trouble, that’s why.” I flicked my thumb across the screen. Another image of Brent appeared, this one a live video feed. He looked tired. “Hey bro,” I said cheerily. Lola squeezed into the frame with me.

“Hi Brent!”

“Kylie, Lola,” he said formally, rubbing his eyes. “Enjoying your vacation?”

“It’d be more fun if you were here!” my friend said. I had to double take at his background.

“Are you on a…plane?”

“Yes. Kylie, I need to talk to you alone.” My heart leapt with giddy joy. I was in trouble.

“Uh-oh.” Lola took her pile of clothes and made a beeline for the dressing room. Before she disappeared, she gave me a thumbs up, mouthing, “Good luck.”

“Alright, we’re alone,” I said. “What’s up?” Brent slicked his dark hair back. Even completely jet-lagged, he was dressed immaculately and looked sexy as hell.

“Dad noticed some… interesting spending going on in your account.” Ugh. “Dad”. Brent’s dad, my stepdad.

“It’s my money and none of his business.”

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The Step Billionaire & the Brat | 2. Hogtied

Sample from The Step Billionaire & the Brat | 2. Hogtied

Sharesstepbillionaire_03“Harder, harder!” I yelled, forcing myself down into his face. He had to hold my thighs to keep me from smothering him. I couldn’t help myself, when it came to hunky surfer boys. His hot tongue swirled maddeningly around my clit, sending me over the edge.

Trapping him, I had a perfect view of his tan, rippling abs and stiff cock. Without seeing his face, it was easy to imagine he was someone else. My stepbrother, maybe.

But Marcus Lyon wouldn’t have to be told “harder”. He’d fuck with his whole body, every ounce of energy. Not that I know. But how else would a hot 26 year old billionaire fuck?

“Call me Sis,” I said, riding the surfer’s face, a kinky smiled on my lips.


“Like sister. And don’t stop!”

“Alright…Sis,” he said cheekily, slapping my ass and licking my pussy. “I like the way you taste, Sis.” He didn’t have Marcus’s deep, seductive voice, but it was good enough. He buried his face deep in me, fingering my cunt while he sucked my clit. I was about to cum when I noticed movement out the main window.

Through the sheer curtains, I saw Marcus coming up the sidewalk to our Malibu timeshare. His tie was undone, telling me he was done with work for today.

“C’mon, faster!” I yelled, really riding the guy. He struggled to keep up. It’d be any second and my fun would be ruined. I held my breath, trying to focus on cumming.

Outside our shared bedroom, the front door opened. Marcus set down his keys. “Mhm, sis,” the surfer breathed.

“Shh.” I heard the pop of a wine bottle. I dug my nails into the bedsheets. The TV turned on. I was about to cum.

“What was that?” the surfer asked suddenly. I smothered him with my pussy, desperate.


Then the bedroom door opened. Marcus stared down at us, a familiar look of irritation on his face. He looked at my hanging tits, my spread legs, then the boy between them. “Still haven’t learned to control yourself, I see,” he said, crossing his strong forearms.

The surfer rolled out from under me onto his feet. Quicker than I imagined possible, he was pulling on his swim trunks. “Whoa whoa whoa, she didn’t tell me she was married.”

“He’s my brother,” I said, rolling my eyes. But one stony look from billionaire Marcus Lyons was enough to scare most men off. This specimen was no exception. Wiping pussy juices off his face, the surfer was already scooting around Marcus and heading for the front door. “Bye!” I said. Then I looked at my brother, irritated. “You could’ve knocked.”

“I’m not psychic,” he shrugged. He was still looking at my tits. When he realized this, he looked away quickly, blushing. “Put something on. Here.” He tossed me his robe. I slipped in on, but kept the front open, exposing everything.

“I didn’t even cum.”

“You’re such a brat,” he said, rolling his eyes. “Can’t you control your urges for five days?”

“I can’t go five days without sex,” I said, lounging on the bed. Between my legs, I felt the aching desire for more. “Guess you owe me now.”

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