Bought by my Step (Gay Taboo Cuckold)

A Sample from Bought by my Step

Taboo_Cuckold_03I knew that my wife needed more action in her life. I wasn’t willing to share her, but maybe I could share myself. The desperation to hold onto made me consider Nick’s proposal again and again.

But underneath this supposed reason, I knew the truth. If I didn’t get another taste of my stepbrother, I’d go crazy.

The three of us soaked in the jacuzzi. It was late, by now, and everyone had gone to bed or was spending the evening in the bar. The night looked beautiful, with more stars than I’d ever seen in my life.

“My liver is not enjoying this trip as much as I am,” Hannah said, stirring a cocktail she’d swiped from the bar.  Continue reading

Taboo Cuckold (MMF Stepbrother Domination)

A Sample from Taboo Cuckold

Taboo_Cuckold“Welcome back, handsome. Change your mind?” Ada lounged on the bed in our cabin, a glass of wine held loosely in her hand. Ren dragged me in through the door. “Oh!”

He tossed me on the bed on the other side of Ada, a feat of strength that impressed us both. “What’s the meaning of this?” my wife asked, saving her wine from a spill. “Have you lost your mind.”

“He wants—”

“—Shut up. You wanna take a ride on the wild side? How ‘bout this. I’m gonna pound your puny husband while you watch his punishment.” Ren pointed a thick finger at my wife. She took his hand in both of hers then delicately, tantalizingly, guided it past her full lips. She sucked once, with a look in her eyes that made my dick ache, then said, Continue reading

Cuckold: Broken by Thugs | 1. Her Pimp

A Sample from Cuckold: Broken by Thugs | 1. Her Pimp

CuckoldThugs_01The live stream kicked on.

In our dark bedroom, the only light came from my computer screen. Black and white. Poor quality, no sound. But I could fill in the blanks myself.

I tucked my flannel pajama bottoms under my tight ballsack. Already, my dick swelled with excitement as I watched my wife, Shawna, dancing in the hotel room. She wore trashy knickers. Her hair was all teased up and her lips were a slutty shade of red. The client was still in the bathroom, but she’d hidden the camera quick and knew she had an audience. Me, her husband.  Continue reading

Cuckold: Broken by my Wife’s Doctor

Sample from Cuckold: Broken by my Wife’s Doctor

Cuckold_05“So, Steve,” Dr. Brinkman grunted as he fucked my wife on the exam table,  “by thrusting like this, you’ll stimulate her g-spot from the inside.”

I didn’t hear what he was saying. All I was registered was their heavy panting and the slap of skin on skin. The white, sterile exam room contrasted their filthy fucking.

“Oh doctor!” Lisa screamed, on hands and knees. Her ass looked gorgeous with her skirt hiked up and pink, frilly panties stretched between her ankles. Dr. Brinkman spanked her. Lisa was moaning loud. He tried to close a hand over her mouth to shut her up.

My dick throbbed. I grabbed it through my jeans, getting ready to take it out. It was getting hard to resist.

“God, you’re tight!” he grunted, thrusting fast. His white coat thrown open gave me a perfect view of his sculpted chest and abs. Brinkman looked as much a model for health and fitness as he did a medical practitioner.

“You fuck so much better than my husband,” Lisa panted, her voice rolling off her tongue with heavy, grating lust. I knew that meant she was going to cum any second

That was fast, I thought, whipping my cock out. I used a squirt of lube, provided by the doctor, from his desk and started stroking rapidly, trying to make up for lost time. With my cock all slippery and wet, I stroked myself, imagining what Lisa’s hot doctor was feeling.

But he was nearly twice as big as me, his long, hard stiffy ramming in and out of my wife. He was handsome and rich. Everything I wasn’t. Lisa drooled over him for years. She’d come home after her bi-monthly vaginal exam, and insist I go down on her, fuck her, do anything to get her off. She was so horny for him.

That was how we became a cuckold couple.

I’d always had a thing for submission anyways, so I let her have her way. Let this stranger take my wife in front of me and give her all the pleasure I couldn’t. I let them shame me. Let him examine my tiny cock, make disparaging comments about my size.

Dr. Brinkman collapsed on top of my wife now. He pushed her big tits out of her deep cut shirt and squeezed both of them hard in his hands. I could see his perfect ass flexing, his balls slapping her pussy, quickly tightening.

And then he was throbbing, creaming my wife. “Oh, Lisa!” he moaned, forgetting this was supposed to be a “learning lesson” for me. Without a condom, his seed filled her, and as he kept fucking, it gushed out her pussy and all over the exam table. It splattered on the panties stretched between her ankles.

“Doctor!” she grated. He let go of one of her tits and played with her pussy, still fucking her.

“This move takes practice,” he told me. “I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it, if she lets you mount her.” My wife tossed her head back in an explosion of orgasm, screaming so that it rang throughout the hospital’s halls. Patients and practitioners would assume surgery, death, birth, anything but polite, handsome Dr. Brinkman making his patient cum in front of her husband.

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Cuckold: Broken by my Wife’s Gym Trainer

A Sample from Cuckold: Broken by my Wife’s Gym Trainer

Cuckold_04“Just like that, Becca,” he panted. “Yeah, keep going.” My wife worked up and down, her tight, fit ass flexing. A mist of sweat glowed on her skin. From here, both him and I had a view of her perfect ass and pussy as she bent over the weights.

I shifted uncomfortably, feeling the cup under my gym shorts tighten.

“Almost there,” her trainer, Blame said, “One more!”

“Ah!” Becca gasped, letting go of the weights and standing up straight, stretching. “Holy crap!” She was shaking her arms out, breathing hard.

“Atta girl,” Blain said, slapping her ass right in front of me. “Ready for more?”

“Let’s do it!” My wife was always eager for more time with her trainer. She was in amazing shape because of it. Continue reading

Cuckold: Broken by my Wife’s Boss

Sample from Cuckold: Broken by my Wife’s Boss

Cuckold_03“You fuck so much better than Greg,” my wife panted. She could hardly get the words out, he was banging her so hard. But she managed, just for me.

Johan, this guy we found in Kinder, dug his fingers deep into her hips, rocking her back and forth against his cock. Eight-inches, and that’s why we contacted him. Cameron had to brace her arms on the backboard of our bed. He was completely ruthless. Her soft, big ass slammed against his gyrating six-pack with wet slaps.

“You like?” he asked with a heavy European accent. Beads of sweat formed on his brow.

“Me like!” she moaned, almost screaming now, orgasm rising. I could see it on her beautiful face.

Hiding in the closet, I could feel their palpable tension. Jerking as fast as they fucked, I heard my wife scream his name as she came. “Fuck,” Johan gasped, his thrusts becoming desperate in her pussy. His eyelids fluttered and then he was cumming.

After he’d screwed every last drop of pleasure out of my wife, he pulled out, letting his seed spill all over our bed. “Oops,” he said with a grin, marking his territory. “Guess he’ll find out I’ve stolen you.” Cameron and Johan shared a wet, sweet kiss.

For Johan, it was the excitement of claiming another man’s woman that got him off. He didn’t know I was watching. For me, it was the humiliation of watching Cameron get pleasured by a man far superior to me. My own smallness and shame, and then, of course, Cameron getting off, made me cum harder than anything else. But, I still felt like a random guy on Kinder wasn’t enough. We could do better.

Cameron got Johan dressed and sent him on his way, likely to never be seen again. I’d crept out of the closet quietly while they were downstairs. After throwing away my cum filled tissues and cleaning lube off my cock, I noticed the wet, gooey spot of Johan’s cum on our bed.

I scooped it with a finger. A weird thing to do, but I was alone. Examining the white fluid, I thought this is the physical evidence that my wife made another man cum.

Then I stuck my finger in my mouth. It tasted bad. The texture was just as repulsive as I thought it’d be. But I was rock hard again, and suddenly I had the urge to slather my cock in Johan’s seed and jerk myself until I had one more hot, dirty second orgasm.

But the door downstairs slammed shut. It snapped me out of my strange fantasy. I was never interested in anything to do with men, so why would I even consider using another man’s sperm as lube?

I washed my hands, then joined Cameron in our kitchen for a late night glass of wine.

Her dark locks were tussled, making her look both elegant and slutty. I liked that. She poured me a glass smoothly, a kinky smile on her lips. “Did you like that?”

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Cuckold: Broken by my Wife’s Black Boyfriend

Sample from Cuckold: Broken by my Wife’s Black Boyfriend

Cuckold_02A big, black man pounded my wife’s pussy again and again in our living room, on the screen of the family computer. His dark muscles were shiny with oil and as impressive as the coils of a man-eating python. He held her ass, just to keep her from being knocked over with the power of his hips.

Emily moaned with every thrust, like the air was being knocked out of her. Tossing her silky, blonde hair, she screamed his name, “Titus! Oh, just like that, yes!”

I had my bathroom pushed aside, my dick in hand, stroking furiously. My nuts were tight and ready to bust at any moment. Jerking off to your wife cheating on you was wrong, but that’s why I liked it. She screamed his name again, adding, “You’re so much better than my husband!”  Continue reading

Cuckold: Broken by my Wife’s Stepbrother

Sample from Cuckold: Broken by my Wife’s Stepbrother

Cuckold_01In the bedroom, Max stripped his shirt off, tossing it on the floor. I resisted the urge to pick it up and put it in the hamper or something. Tattoos traced up and down his back as well as his arms. He was broad shouldered with a nice V-shape. I didn’t know why he hadn’t picked modeling over repairing telephone lines.

“I’ll sit here and watch,” Niesha said with a kinky smile. She’d stripped down to her finest lingerie and I felt a little weird about her stepbrother seeing her in that. Sure, they weren’t related, but they had grown up together. Guess wealthy familiars are a little fucked up.

As I stripped down completely, revealing my pale, thin form, Max dropped his jeans. Tight, black briefs stretched over his sculpted ass. I was scared to see what he was packing. “Very sexy,” Niesha purred, watching her brother flex for us. I wilted slightly, ashamed. Max flashed Niesha his white toothed smile then turned around. Continue reading

Lust at Sea | 1 Ravaged by Pirates

A Sample from Lust at Sea | 1 Ravaged by Pirates

LustAtSea_01I leaned over the rails briefly, watching my burned village slipping away. Then I turned away. Powerful, gorgeous men flooded the ship. Many were shirtless, showcasing their rippling abs. In their capable hands, they could go anywhere in the world. This was my life now. Keeping them satisfied.

Captain Nichols stood next to me. “In a strange way, it’s beautiful, the destruction,” he said. Then he called, “Get this woman food and drink.” James grabbed my arm eagerly.

“Come, Marina.” Before I could leave, the Captain said with a punishing stare,

“Do not think I’m done with you, miss. You’ll be put in your place.” I hurried after James, worried. Hoping that the “place” was on his dick.

James let me into a cabin and shut the door behind us, locking out the cold and the dark.

The cabin consisted of a fine bed and a table. Books, piled to the walls. Maps and navigation devices. Here I thought all men on ships slept in damp bunks together. “Is this the Captain’s quarters?” I asked, sitting down across from him at the small table. James poured me a glass of fine wine. Likely stolen from some unfortunate port.

“Nay. The First Mate’s. Mine,” he said. I drank my wine. “Would you like something to eat?” I shook my head. There was one thing I wanted. I downed the wine and rose.

James looked up at me, eager. It’d taken all his will to not throw me on the bed the moment we walked in here. I hiked my dress and sank slowly into his lap, straddling him. Looking into his sea blue eyes, I wove my arms around his burly neck and studied his face. He had a scar through his eyebrow and one across his cheek. James licked his full lips.

“You’ve the lust of a man,” he said in a throaty voice.

“I’ve been waiting a long time too,” I said, running my fingers through his fine, gold hair. He breathed hard. Then he couldn’t stand to wait a moment longer. James pulled me tight against his chest, taking me in a deep, passionate kiss. His supple lips moved over mine, our tongues dancing together. He tasted like delicious, red wine. James’s hands wandered over my body, feeling my curves. Then they went between his legs.

Looking at me with those blue eyes, he undid the button of his hands feverishly, releasing his massive, throbbing dick. It sprang out, thick and long. I ground myself against him, moaning softly and tossing my head back. As though he couldn’t get close enough to me, James pulled me back against him, arching over me to cover my neck in wet, hot kisses.

James gripped the front of my dress. “I can’t wait to fuck you,” he growled. “And share you with the men. Again, and again, and again,” his voice trailed off as he kissed lower and lower down my tits. Then he tore my dress apart. It shredded easily under his strong grip.

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