Forbidden Cove: A Gay Romance

Forbidden CoveA mysterious newcomer has moved into the old mansion over Forbidden Cove. Sky, a rebellious surfer boy, can’t help but notice the handsome stranger with tanned muscles and golden waves of hair. But innocent attraction turns into passionate seduction as they are pushed together.

Jace is rich, gorgeous, and a skilled surfer. But he keeps his past secret from those who care about him most. No one knows where he came from or why he’s decided to take up residence in the supposedly haunted beach house. Can Sky solve the mystery and unlock Jace’s heart? The two form a sexy affair and are overcome by a riptide of love and lust.

Chapter 1: Sand and Skin

Our tongues thrashed together.

His body on mine filled me with heat hotter than the sun shining down on us. The excitement, so intense, burned me, but like any surfer boy junkie, I needed more.

Underneath him, I swelled until I was coming out the edge of my board shorts. Eric felt my cock against his thigh and grabbed it.

“Ah!” I gasped. His strong hand worked up and down, sending waves of pleasure through my body.

“You want me, don’t you?” he asked in a voice throaty with lust.

“Yeah,” I breathed between strokes, gripping the edges of my beach towel.

“How bad?”

“Insanely bad.” Somehow, it felt like he was going slower. Teasing me. Keeping me right on that edge.

“I’m gonna drive you crazy,” he said, looking into my eyes.

“You sure are,” I said, starting to get annoyed. I put a hand on his round, tan shoulder and gently pushed him down.

“Look at you, horny boy.” He started kissing his way down my abs. “Who’d think you were so bad?” Kisses, wet. “Gay? You’re all mine.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I breathed, my eyes sliding shut and blocking out the blindingly blue sky.

Hot, writhing warmth consumed my dick. My heart pounded in my chest.

Then my phone rang by my head. Jack Johnson.

“Shit.” I looked at the screen.


“What?” Eric asked, looking up. “That important?” he reached for my phone. “Next date?”

“My mom. Don’t stop.” I put my hand on the back of his head, lacing my fingers through his wavy, sea-water-dried hair.

With every ounce of will power, I blocked life out and let bliss consume me.

This was my life. Living easy, living at home. Taking that year off before college to “find myself”.

Did finding myself mean fooling around with as many boys as possible? I guess so.

No one knew my little secret, and it was best that way. It was how I got away with late nights with the boys, sleep overs all I wanted. I didn’t think my parents would care either way what gender I slept with, but things were easier this way.

For me, anyways.

In an explosion of ecstasy, I burst into Eric’s mouth.

He lapped up my hot, pulsing pleasure. Every last drop, moaning slavishly how much he liked it. “Mmh.” He worked out the final drops from between my legs as I was gasping on the towel. Dropped my head into the warm sand. “You taste just like the ocean,” he said.




Eric rolled off me, onto his back. He grabbed my phone and looked at the screen to check my missed call. By now, I didn’t care at all.

“How long we been going at this?” he asked.

“I dunno.” I looked up at the blue sky. A seagull lazily coasted overhead. “Maybe a few weeks? Less than a month.”

“When are you gonna tell your parents?”

I laughed.

“What’s so funny about that?”

“Nothing. It’s just… complicated.”

“Your parents are so chill. They’re like the chillest people I know. They wouldn’t even care.”

“I know,” I said, sighing. “It’s just I don’t feel it’s they’re business. Who I fuck. Why would they care?”

“So what?” he said, irritated.


Eric rolled his eyes. He swiped his shirt off the sand, shook it out, and slipped it on over his hard muscles. He stood suddenly, blocking the sun from my eyes. “Where’re you going?”

“Am I…?” he looked out at the ocean, struggling to find words. “Just someone you fuck?”

“I… Eric.” Now I stood too. “It’s only been a couple weeks. Give me time.”

“You’ve been screwing guys forever, Sky. This isn’t new.” He grabbed his flip flops. Hoisted his surf board. Trudged up the sand.

“I’m not ready.”

“No. Not ready to be an adult. To treat your boyfriends with respect. Whatever.”

I let him go. He’d be back.

And I felt terrible about it. Eric was a great guy, but I just wasn’t feeling it like that. Not the way he was.

“I’m sorry,” I said, but too quietly. He didn’t hear.

My phone started buzzing again. I grabbed my stuff off the sand and booked it.

“Where the hell’ve you been?” my mom scolded me.

Her white hair was wrapped into a bun. “Bun Mode,” Dad and I called it. A bad sign. You knew Mom was stressed when she put her hair into Bun Mode.

“Sorry, sorry. Fell asleep. Lost track of time.” I grabbed a “McNally Surf” teeshirt off the clothing rack by checkout and threw it on.

“If this were a real job, you’d be fired.” Mom tossed me the binder of consignment forms. I caught it deftly.

“This is a real job.” I smiled, trying to cool her down.

“Working for your parents hardly counts, Sky. Customers waiting for you out back.”

I went out into the parking lot that separated out surf shop from our house.

Dad’s garage workshop was all closed up. He was down south for the weekend catching some gnarly waves with his old surfing buddies.

I could’ve been with him, but turned the whole thing down so I could, basically, get my dick sucked by Eric. And now I was picking up some extra shifts.

A guy leaned by a new, red Jeep with boards hanging out the back.

He was gorgeously handsome.

Instinctively I stood up straighter, putting out my well-muscled chest. My eyes went into overdrive, taking in his every feature in a matter of seconds.

Tall, powerful build. Dirty blonde hair pulled into a neat bun. His skin was tanned dark and face perfect. Lady killer, some would say, but he was a Skyler killer too.

As I got closer, I saw his eyes, soft gray-blue like the ocean during a storm. He was young, maybe late twenties, but those eyes looked so much older, full of a quiet intelligence that struck me.

“Skyler?” he said.

“Yeah,” I said. “How’d you know?”

“Heard you mom leaving angry voicemails on the phone for you.” His tone was humorless.

“Oh, yeah. She’s in Bun Mode.”


I felt myself wilting under the weight of stupidity. “Nothing. Never mind.” My cheeks turned red.

He went around to the back and grabbed the surfboards he had leaning there.

I followed, kicking myself. Usually I didn’t get so stupid around hot guys. In fact, I was pretty suave, usually.

“These, the, uh, boards you wanted to sell?”


Two really old ones. Small too, one pink and the other red. Probably for a petite woman.

My heart shrank. He was straight. “Break up?” I asked, checking each board out.

“What? No.” He looked them up and down, as if he was searching for an answer. “Just cleaning some stuff out.

“Never seen you before. New? Or passing through?” I asked as I inspected the boards for cracks. They were pretty thrashed. Coated in dust. But otherwise workable.

“Just moved in,” he said. “New.”

“Welcome to Forbidden Cove,” I said, with a smile. “It’s not as spooky as the name sounds. Promise.”

The guy smiled a little. The feeling of his blue-gray eyes on me sent shivers of pleasure up my back. I let my gaze on him linger a little too long in return, as I took in that handsome face. The high cheeks and light stubble. “Are you Russian?”


“Your cheekbones are very… Russian.” God, what was I saying? I cringed at myself.

“Uh, German. Interesting first question.”

“Let me try a better one. What’s your name?”

“Jace,” he said. “Jace Brenner. There’s a German last name for you.”

“Sky. McNally. Irish.”

Jace nodded, that gentle storm brewing behind his eyes. The kind that made you wanna go inside and cuddle by a fire. “How’re the boards?” he asked, breaking my thought.

“Oh. Good. Great. These are nice. Ex’s?”

“How much?”

I looked them over. Hadn’t really been paying attention. “I got some work to do, cleaning them up. But how does one-seventy-five each sound?”

“Works for me,” said Jace, folding his powerful arms.

“Cool. Let me write you up. Be right back.”

I went inside, found the binder, and started filling it out. My heart pounded. In the cool office, I felt my senses coming back from me.

Jace knocked me off my feet.

He was tall. Strong. Perfect in every way. And I had to have him.

“How’s it lookin for our new customer?” my mom asked, appearing out of nowhere. I jumped.

“Oh! Good. He’s lookin good. Is good.” I ran a hand nervously through my dark hair.

“He is lookin good, isn’t he?” she said with a laugh, patting my back.

“Ew, Mom.”

“Sorry, sorry.” She laughed again. “Treat him good so he’ll keep coming back.”


“Not because he’s cute. Because he’s…money,” she said, pulling her bun down.

I ripped a slip off and went back outside to give it to Jace.

“Here you are, sir,” I said, handing him the paper. “Can, I, uh, get you anything else? You surf? We got suits, fins, sex…uh, sex wax.” My cheeks glowed red.

“You alright?” Jace grinned, searching my eyes.

“Yeah.” I hefted the two boards from him. “Let me know if you wanna catch some waves or anything.”

“Sure.” He smiled. “Lay off the pot, kiddo.” He hopped into his jeep and backed out, giving me another look.

Great. He thought I was a pot head. I waved, my grin strained, mentally kicking myself for being so awkward. Jace drove off, and I watched every second of him I could until he was out of sight.

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