MM Ebook – Turned Gay for my Roommate

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Turned Gay for my Best Friend

Turned Gay EbookThump! 

There it was again. I set down the my dish and rag in the soapy sink and looked back at the stairs. “Liam!?” I called. Thump! He and Josh were up there, doing something noise as hell. And I was starting to wonder if he was okay, since he wasn’t answering.

I’d never met or seen this Josh guy before. Apparently they were friends. And, even though Liam was a big, muscular guy who could probably handle himself, I dried my hands and went to see what was up.

“Liam?” I asked softer, worried. His bedroom door was cracked just slightly.

And there was a different noise now. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. A… slurping? Slapping? Something wet for sure. 

Creeping over, I peeked through the door.

It took everything I had not to gasp in shock.

Liam was on his bed, sitting, pants down and legs opened wide. I saw his handsome face tilted back and lax with pleasure. Because Josh was on his knees in front of him, going to town on his dick. He sucked wildly, and that’s what that slurping sound was.

Holy shit, I thought, eyes wide. I had no idea Liam was gay. In the two months I’d lived with him, he seemed in every sense to be perfectly straight! A man’s man through and through. Maybe even a “bro” at times. I couldn’t believe this! There was nothing wrong with being gay, but it still shocked me.

“Oh yeah,” Liam sighed, his voice thick with lust. He put a hand on the back of Josh’s head. “Deeper… yeah.”

Josh rose and fell on his knees, and now I saw how huge Liam’s cock was. Not just long but thick as well! A real meat hammer.

My cock got hard before I even realized anything biological was going on. My eyes dropped down to the tent in my pants with shock. I certainly wasn’t gay. Just not interested in girls.

It’s totally normal, I told myself, eyeing the rail spike in my pants like it had betrayed me. Who doesn’t get turned on when they see a couple people going at it, male or female?

But I couldn’t deny how turned on I was by the noises coming from Liam’s lips. What did it feel like? In my twenty two years, I’d never had my dick sucked. Never done anything with anyone except makeout. It just wasn’t on my list of things to do.

My now my boner was raging. I knew I needed to cum or I’d go crazy. And why should Liam have all the fun? By now, all the blood in my brain was between my legs, and I did something incredibly foolish.

Standing there in the doorway, watching my roommate get his cock sucked, I slipped my own out of my shorts and grabbed it tight.

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