Turned Gay for my Best Friend

Sample from Turned Gay for my Best Friend

TurnedGayformyBestFriendWhen Greyson stripped, our relationship changed. I’d never been attracted to him before. But now, seeing him buck naked in all his athletic, muscled glory, I couldn’t help myself.

My eyes wandered.

The hot fog of the gym shower seemed to cloud my brain. There was no reason. Only animal purpose, and that purpose was to fuck. He was sexy. Tall, lean, and perfect, with a solid tan that covered everything, except his firm ass and that big, dangling cock. The water rolled down his body, accentuating each curve and cut of muscle. He ran his hands through his hair, lips parted slightly.

Those lips. Full, perfect. What would they feel like around my cock?

If I’d been thinking straight, I’d ask myself what on earth I was thinking. What was I doing? This was so wrong.

Greyson was my childhood best friend. Like a brother to me for twenty years. We’d gone through everything together, done everything together— well, not everything. Not those things which flashed tauntingly through my brain right now.

After our early morning run, we hopped into the shower. Greyson stripped off all his clothes, completely unashamed. He didn’t pull the curtain back or anything. “We’re best buds. Who cares?” he said, tossing his briefs to the corner and turning on the water.

I’d stared in disbelief. The feeling was instant. Arousal. A need for cock. Never in my life had I had a gay feeling until seeing him like this. The facade of our innocent friendship stripped away with his clothes.

Greyson looked up at me, wiping the water out of his ocean colored eyes. “You just gonna stand there?” His voice sounded miles away.

And then he looked down. Stared. What was he looking at, my abs? I’d shaved them, so… my eyes wandered down to where his were. And I realized I had a massive hardon stretching my shorts.

“Oh, sorry dude, I wasn’t checking you out or anything. Morning wood, kinda, you know. I guess I’m tired. Spacing out and Pop! Bam! You know how it is.” My fingers scratched the back of my shoulder innocently. A big, nervous smile spread itself across my face.

“It’s cool, bro, we all get horny sometimes.” He blew water out of his mouth, making his full lips pucker in a way that made my knees weak.

“Yeah. Uh.”

“Get in here.”

“Okay.” I hooked my thumbs into my boxers and hesitated. Didn’t necessarily want Greyson to see the bare hardon I had for him. Something about that felt so taboo. Like pulling off a bandaid, I yanked them down.

Greyson was still watching me as he scrubbed his perfect body. “That’s quite a cock, man.”

“Jealous?” I smiled. It was pretty big.

“Just wait till I get hard. I’m a grower…” Greyson gripped his dick. Oh no, he’s not gonna—? the thought flashed through my mind. He was. He started jerking, right there in the shower in front of me.

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