Owned MMM | First Time Gay Menage

A Sample from Owned MMM | First Time Gay Menage

We went into the dim bedroom that belonged to Derik Crenshaw. While the rest of the house was airy and sunny, this room with heavy blinds seemed like somewhere you could sleep all day. Or fool around all day. It had the heady smell of testosterone.

“Go ahead,” Derik encouraged, standing to the side, arms folded business-like, watching me. I was nervous as hell, but wasted no time hesitating. This was the job. Obeying. I stripped my shirt off and threw it on the bed. “Nice,” Derik said, appraising my muscular body. “Very nice.”

Then my jeans came off. I was right there in front of the millionaire in nothing but my briefs. I felt his intense gaze locked on my package, eagerly awaiting. “This is the moment of truth, you know?”

What kind of dick did a gay guy like? I wondered. Mine was big, though, so I had nothing to worry about. Or so I told myself. The shorts came off. My dick and balls, full and dangling, were his to appreciate.

Derik crossed the room towards me. His hands grazed over my pecs, my back, my abs, then back around again to firmly cup my buttocks.

And this was where things got weird for me. Maybe it was the confident way he used his hands. You could tell he was a man used to getting exactly what he wanted… or taking it, if he had to. He was in control. And the way he grabbed my ass sent a sudden rush of blood to my cock.

Derik’s hands came around the front. He cupped my junk. Our eyes locked and his neat brow raised. “Sure you’re not gay.”

“Positive,” I said, annoyed at his accusing tone.

“You’re pretty hard.”

I looked down. My dick was throbbing in his grip, almost a full on boner. “Well, you’re touching me.”

“Alright,” Derik said, and then he started stroking. I sighed with pleasure, feeling myself swell in his hands. Being touched like this by a man… it was dirty and wrong, I kept telling myself. But it felt so good. He knew exactly how to handle a cock. “So you like that.”

“Yes,” I breathed, not lying.

“What’s the first thing you’re gonna do when you get home?”


“Jerk off? Is that what you’re thinking?” My heart pounded. He was right, that was on my mind. If he didn’t let me cum right here and now, I’d definitely be beating it later.


“No. You’re orgasm belongs to me now, Ian.” Derik let go. He went over to a dark wood dresser and dug around in the bottom drawer. Then he pulled something out. Presented it to me.

A male chastity belt. It was sleek, translucent. A cock cage that could be worn like a jock strap. Under lock and key, he’d have control over all my pleasure. “Even though you signed, you can still back out.”

I took the belt from him. The corner of his full lips curled into a smile as I slipped the device on. The leather straps cupped my sculpted ass. I crammed my hard cock into it, clicked the lock shut. “Hope you know where the key is.”

Derik pulled back the sleeve of his beautiful suit coat. There was a small, silver bracelet with a little key on the end. “Easy access. Looks very good on you.” My eyes wandered down Derik Crenshaw’s abs to the growing tent in his slacks. “Have you ever sucked cock, Ian?” I shook my head.

“I’ve never even touched another guy’s dick.”

“I want you to get on your knees and blow me.”

Read What Happens Next…

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