Club MMM | Gay Bondage Menage

A Sample from Club MMM | Gay Bondage Menage

When I turned around, the man was shirtless. I stared, batting my eyes in shock. Shock at the sudden half-nudity and at how impressive his physique was. A huge dragon was tattooed across his bulging pecs.

“Why are you…? Where did your clothes go?”

“Don’t you need to measure me?” he asked, giving me that dangerous smile. And I realized he wasn’t dangerous physically. Not the kind of guy to rob you. He was dangerous sexually. If he asked me to do anything, I’d have no choice but to submit.

“Yes… but—”

“—Okay then.” He dropped his pants. One of my hands flew to my mouth, then I shakily let it down. With two quick steps to the other side, I shut the drapes that gave the tailor room (which sometimes doubled as a fitting room) privacy. He was in his tight, black briefs, right in front of me. And his ass was way better than Ben’s. “And you’ll need to know which side I hang on too. Right?” The boxers came down.

I flinched, his ass was so perfect. “Yes, I suppose so.” I couldn’t believe those words were coming out of my mouth!

He turned around slow to face me. A monster cock meat hammer dangled between his legs. “W-what’d you say your name was?” Was that really the best thing I could think to come up with? My dick was rock hard in my pants and not letting my brain do any form of thinking.

He chuckled. “Ret. Now get over here.” I took a nervous set forward. Actually had my tape measurer in hand, like I was actually going to measure this guy. He grabbed it and threw it aside.

Suddenly, his hands were at my neck, undoing the buttons, working all the way down until my whole pale chest was bare. It wasn’t much to look at. But Ret put his hands on me, feeling my less-than-developed muscles. The heavy breathing that took over him would make you think he was looking at a model’s body.

I quivered under his hot touch, my cock pounding for him in my jeans.

Ret’s giant dick, to my surprise, swelled between his legs. Then he undid my belt.

The curtain drew back. Fear stabbed through my heart. The other guy who he came in with stood there, all six-foot-two inches of him. I thought I was gonna get my ass kicked.

“Already at the jeans?” the new guy asked, a sly smile spreading across his lips. “Must be a new record.”

Ret unzipped my jeans. Tore them down, my boxers along with them. My cock sprang out against his. “Was, until you interrupted.” Ret put a hand on my shoulders. He pushed down. I knew what that meant.

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