Club MMM | Rough BDSM Menage

A Sample from Club MMM | Rough BDSM Menage

“You’re very sexy,” Trent said, looking at me like I was a piece of meat. A little wine splashed out of his glass onto my bare chest. “Oops.” He leaned in and licked it off, flicking his tongue teasingly over my nipple. I groaned with pleasure.

Vince reached across me and grabbed the other man’s wrist. With a calculated twist, he made Trent dump the rest all over my lap. I felt wine splash my crotch.

“Big oops,” said the master of the party. Then he and Trent were licking down my abs, kissing and sucking. Their heads went lower and lower under the table. I gasped, shifting in my seat. The inside of my pants were soaked slippery, and I could feel the tight leather grinding against my dick.

My heart pounded in my chest. I knew what was coming.

Vince slipped my shorts easily down my thighs. My hardon sprang out, throbbing and desperate for action.

Looking down between my legs, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Two of the hottest men I’d ever seen in my life, both of them lapping at the head of my cock.

I leaned my head against the back of the bench and let them have their way with him. Trent’s mouth closed over my tip, consuming me with slippery warmth. Vince was licking up and down the underside of my shaft. Someone cupped my balls. My heart was beating so hard now, I thought it’d leap out of my chest.

Then Trent went all the way down, balls deep. I’d never had anyone fit me all in like that. He didn’t even gage. The feeling was instant and explosive. The best pleasure I’d ever had in my life.

The table shook as Vince climbed on. Somehow, he was able to pull those insanely tight pants down, made all the tighter by his raging erection. I looked up at his handsome face, weak with lust. There was a fierceness in his eyes which shocked me. Like a serpent’s hypnotic stare, I knew I’d have to do anything he desired.

My eyes fell upon the massive dick between his legs, looking so hard it must have hurt. Vince spread his legs on either side of me, while Trent was bobbing up and down in my lap, slobbering all over my tight nuts.

I took Mr. Blackwater in my mouth completely. The heady taste of man-sweat and leather consumed my senses. Like in a dream, there I was, sucking him off, holding his hips, doing everything I could to pleasure him. I wanted to make him moan. And he did.

The noises coming out of Vince’s mouth sent a new wave of pleasure through my dick. His sighs and groans excited me beyond belief.

Trent squeezed my ballsack and, as if on cue, I was suddenly pumping sploogy into the other man’s mouth. He sucked and sucked until I was completely dry.

“That’s right,” Vince moaned, putting a hand on the back of my head. “Love it.” And then he pushed. I struggled under his grip, but he was too strong.

Read what happens next…


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