Club MMM | Gay Group Domination

Sample from Club MMM | Gay Group Domination

Wyland’s friends warned him to keep away from bad boy, Brent. But he can’t resist the sexy hunk. At a gay frat party, he follows the dangerous man and his boyfriend to the rooftop where they’ve promised him a night of sinful pleasure. 

Stairs. I ran up them, and erupted into the starry night sky.

A light breeze billowed over my soaking wet body. It was quiet up here. Just me and the city lights.

And Brent with his buddy. They wrapped together, nude, kissing. Their cocks danced between their bodies. I gaped at the long, twin members. Huge, sexy dicks on both of them. Desperate, I stumbled forward.

Brent looked up from his friend. “Well, Kal, look who it is.” Kal looked up and that devilish smile spread across his lips.

“Couldn’t resist. Poor boy.”

They parted. They were coming for me. I stripped off my wet shirt, my shorts. No part of me even cared what they did to me.

Brent came around the back. He moved so quickly, I couldn’t even respond. Then I felt my arms go over my head where he caught them in some sort of wrestler’s lock. No matter how I struggled, I couldn’t escape. He was too strong.

Kal stood in front. He sank to his knees in front of me. I gasped for breath, looking to the city for help, but they were too far away. Even screaming wouldn’t help.

So I just moaned. Sudden hot, wet warmth enveloped my cock. It got tight, pulled, and sucked, like nothing I’d ever experienced before. Whatever other boys I’d have blow me, they had no idea what they were doing. Kal’s skill was something else entirely.

His hand gripped my dick. It twisted as it stroked, ringing the pleasure out of me like a soaking rag. I shuddered in his mouth.

Something prodded from behind. It smeared wetness on my ass. Then pressed my cheeks apart. “You a virgin, pretty boy?” Brent breathed in my ear as he pressed his cock against my anus. “Huh?”

“Uh-huh,” I gasped, quivering against him.

“Good. I like them fresh.” Then he penetrated without warning. I cried out, feeling my world ripped apart. Then burned by the most fiery, all-consuming ecstasy.

He hit my g-spot, a feeling I’d only ever dreamed of up until now. And then he rammed it again and again.

I couldn’t handle the combined feelings. The sucking and the fucking from two of the hottest men I’d ever seen in my life sent me over the edge.

I didn’t want it to ever end, but they were ravaging me. My thighs quivered, body bucked, and I shot a hot wad of cum right into Kal’s experienced mouth. He sucked me dry as I cried out with pleasure between his lip.

When they were done, they threw me. The way my mind was reeling, it felt like the ground was falling towards me.

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