Dominated by my Professor | MMM College Erotica

A Sample from Dominated by my Professor | MMM College Erotica

I gasped, tensing, wondering what the fuck he was doing. Normally, I’d have punched a guy for touching my dick, but the thing that stopped me was that it felt good, pressed between his thumb and forefinger.

“Good,” he said, cupping my balls in his other hand. I shuddered at the sudden, pleasurable warmth of his big hands around my junk. “Normal, well formed. Like a Greek sculpture.”

“I’m bigger than that,” I said, and this made Professor Stone chuckle under his breath.

“Yes, you are.” I was looking at his handsome face, strong cheekbones, and admiring the curve of his muscular shoulders. Before I realized it, my cock was stiffening in his hand.

“Sorry,” I said, blushing. Professor Stone gripped me tighter, which did nothing to help my boner go down.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” he said, looking at my inflating tip. “You might become erect during class”

“Oh, geez. You’re right.” I hadn’t even considered the possibility of a group of twenty people watching me get a stiffy.

“Well, we have a good method of avoiding that.” Professor Stone let go of my to check his watch. “Would you like that?”

“Yes,” I said quickly, knowing I didn’t want to pop a boner while posing.

“Excellent. Please,” he pulled his chair around to the other side of the desk and offered for me to sit. I sank into it with my bare ass and waited to see what his “method” was. I figured it’d be some sort of magic cream or something.

Then Stone got down on his knees between my legs. “What’re you—?” I spluttered, right as he took my dick in his hand and started massaging.

“It’s good to orgasm before a sitting,” he said, looking up at me with his stone gray eyes. Part of me wanted to get my cock the hell away from him. He was a man. An older man, and a Professor. No matter how quirky and free the art community was, what he was doing was wrong.

But the way he pressed my cock in his hand, kneaded it, twisting and stroking, was in itself art. It felt too good to pull myself away. I melted, or rather, stiffened rapidly.

“Is this… allowed,” I sighed, the logical part of my brain shutting down.

“It’s not by the books,” Professor Stone admitted with a wink. Then he brought his lips to my dick.

I gasped, feeling the hot warmth of his mouth slide over my tip, all the way down, balls deep. The fact he could fit me all in told me immediately he’d sucked a lot of cock before. I was a well-endowed guy. His experienced movements and the flick of his tongue around and around my dick were like nothing I’d ever felt before. I gasped, shuddered, and gave myself up to him completely.

Professor Stone moaned. His free hand cupped my nuts and pulled them gently. The way he went for it, picking up speed, I could tell he loved my dick.

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