My BDSM Professor | MMM College Erotica

A Sample From My BDSM Professor | MMM College Erotica

I felt his rough stubble graze against me as he tasted my hot skin.

His mouth moved lower and lower, until he was kissing along the insides of my thighs. Slowly towards my dick.

I’d been blown a couple times, by college girls who had no idea what they were doing. It’d felt good. At the time, I didn’t know any better, until I let a full grown man have his way with me.

At this moment, it struck me how wrong what we were doing was. A forty year old man shouldn’t be sucking off his eighteen-year-old student. What would my mother think if she knew?

As Professor Cox hot mouth slipped over my head, the forbidden nature of what I was letting him do to me made me hornier than I’d ever been in my life.

He went balls deep, seven inches of my eighteen-year old cock up to the hilt. I gasped, shuddered, felt myself throb in his mouth. He grabbed my muscular thighs and sucked.

I put a hand on the back of his hair, not guiding but simply feeling. He was the one in control, and I knew I should be grateful for what he was doing to me. Professor Cox got sloppy on my dick, moaning and picking up speed. I could feel warm, wet saliva dripping down my ballsack.

“Oh, Professor,” I sighed, my body tensing. The focus of all my energy went straight to my teased cock.

And then I was pumping cum up my shaft and straight into the back of his throat. Cox swallowed me, hungry for the seed of a young man inside him.

He kept going until he’d consumed every drop of my orgasm.

I was left shaking on his desk, mouth agape.

“So, did you like that?” he asked, standing. His face was firm, dick even harder than it’d been before. Unconsciously, his hand wandered down to grab it.

“Uhuh,” I managed to say, my mind reeling.

“Good. Get dressed.”

“What?” I stuttered, feeling like I was being thrown out.

“I’ve got a meeting to attend, papers to grade.” He walked around to the other side of his desk and threw on his tweed coat, then buttoned it from top to bottom over his erection.

“Then you… don’t want me?” A pang of hurt struck my pride. I’d never been rejected in my life. But I also knew I couldn’t go the rest of the semester without another blowjob like that. He’d teased me with heaven, now threatened to take it away.

“I think you’ll do,” he said noncommittally. “Wear this to class tomorrow.” He pulled something out of his desk and tossed it to me. It was a bundle of black material, with some kind of stiff tube in the front.

“What’s this?”

“Something I made. A male vibrator.” His lips curled into a smile again. “Which I have the remote to.”

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