Owned MMM | First Time Gay Menage

A Sample from Owned MMM | First Time Gay Menage

We went into the dim bedroom that belonged to Derik Crenshaw. While the rest of the house was airy and sunny, this room with heavy blinds seemed like somewhere you could sleep all day. Or fool around all day. It had the heady smell of testosterone.

“Go ahead,” Derik encouraged, standing to the side, arms folded business-like, watching me. I was nervous as hell, but wasted no time hesitating. This was the job. Obeying. I stripped my shirt off and threw it on the bed. “Nice,” Derik said, appraising my muscular body. “Very nice.”

Then my jeans came off. I was right there in front of the millionaire in nothing but my briefs. I felt his intense gaze locked on my package, eagerly awaiting. “This is the moment of truth, you know?” Continue reading

Club MMM | Gay Bondage Menage

A Sample from Club MMM | Gay Bondage Menage

When I turned around, the man was shirtless. I stared, batting my eyes in shock. Shock at the sudden half-nudity and at how impressive his physique was. A huge dragon was tattooed across his bulging pecs.

“Why are you…? Where did your clothes go?”

“Don’t you need to measure me?” he asked, giving me that dangerous smile. And I realized he wasn’t dangerous physically. Not the kind of guy to rob you. He was dangerous sexually. If he asked me to do anything, I’d have no choice but to submit.

“Yes… but—” Continue reading

Club MMM | Rough BDSM Menage

A Sample from Club MMM | Rough BDSM Menage

“You’re very sexy,” Trent said, looking at me like I was a piece of meat. A little wine splashed out of his glass onto my bare chest. “Oops.” He leaned in and licked it off, flicking his tongue teasingly over my nipple. I groaned with pleasure.

Vince reached across me and grabbed the other man’s wrist. With a calculated twist, he made Trent dump the rest all over my lap. I felt wine splash my crotch.

“Big oops,” said the master of the party. Then he and Trent were licking down my abs, kissing and sucking. Their heads went lower and lower under the table. I gasped, shifting in my seat. The inside of my pants were soaked slippery, and I could feel the tight leather grinding against my dick. Continue reading

Club MMM | Gay Group Domination

Sample from Club MMM | Gay Group Domination

Wyland’s friends warned him to keep away from bad boy, Brent. But he can’t resist the sexy hunk. At a gay frat party, he follows the dangerous man and his boyfriend to the rooftop where they’ve promised him a night of sinful pleasure. 

Stairs. I ran up them, and erupted into the starry night sky.

A light breeze billowed over my soaking wet body. It was quiet up here. Just me and the city lights.

And Brent with his buddy. They wrapped together, nude, kissing. Their cocks danced between their bodies. I gaped at the long, twin members. Huge, sexy dicks on both of them. Desperate, I stumbled forward.

Brent looked up from his friend. “Well, Kal, look who it is.” Kal looked up and that devilish smile spread across his lips. Continue reading

Club MMM | Extreme Erotica BDSM

Sample from Club MMM | Extreme Erotica BDSM

Tyler sees a mysterious stranger at the bar. Tall, muscular, and covered with tattoos. Even though this man is the opposite of him, Tyler can’t help but be attracted. He’s too shy to do anything about it, but the man comes up to him and buys him a drink. His name is Rob, and he wants to know if Tyler wants to fuck!

Before I knew what was happening, we were pushing through the doors to the bathroom. He got us the handicapped stall. The bright, florescent lights made everything extremely surreal to me.

I stood there, gaping, unsure what to do. My eyes were locked on the magnificent erection just under his jeans.

Rob pulled them down. A gorgeous cock between two strong thighs. My hands went under his shirt, feeling the hardness of his abs. But he was wasting no time with further foreplay. I could tell from the look in his eyes, that he meant to take me as quickly as possible. Ravage me with that massive cock. Continue reading

Dominated by my Professor | MMM College Erotica

A Sample from Dominated by my Professor | MMM College Erotica

I gasped, tensing, wondering what the fuck he was doing. Normally, I’d have punched a guy for touching my dick, but the thing that stopped me was that it felt good, pressed between his thumb and forefinger.

“Good,” he said, cupping my balls in his other hand. I shuddered at the sudden, pleasurable warmth of his big hands around my junk. “Normal, well formed. Like a Greek sculpture.”

“I’m bigger than that,” I said, and this made Professor Stone chuckle under his breath.

“Yes, you are.” I was looking at his handsome face, strong cheekbones, and admiring the curve of his muscular shoulders. Before I realized it, my cock was stiffening in his hand. Continue reading

My BDSM Professor | MMM College Erotica

A Sample From My BDSM Professor | MMM College Erotica

I felt his rough stubble graze against me as he tasted my hot skin.

His mouth moved lower and lower, until he was kissing along the insides of my thighs. Slowly towards my dick.

I’d been blown a couple times, by college girls who had no idea what they were doing. It’d felt good. At the time, I didn’t know any better, until I let a full grown man have his way with me.

At this moment, it struck me how wrong what we were doing was. A forty year old man shouldn’t be sucking off his eighteen-year-old student. What would my mother think if she knew?

As Professor Cox hot mouth slipped over my head, the forbidden nature of what I was letting him do to me made me hornier than I’d ever been in my life. Continue reading

Professor’s Gay Pet | MM College Erotica

A Sample from Professor’s Gay Pet | MM College Erotica

And thatgay erotica free professor college student was the first time I saw Professor Richard Black. He looked at me over the rim of his stylish glasses, with gray eyes that radiated intelligence. If being a leader in his field didn’t make him intimidating enough, he was also incredibly hot.

Under his pale blue dress shirt, I could tell he was fit. His strong, tanned forearms, revealed by sleeves pushed up at the elbows, reinforced this. He was in his thirties, a man in his prime. At once he was put together, but also had stubble that told me he stayed up late, worked hard, was anything but a pampered tenured professor at our Ivy League school.

Suddenly I realized I was staring at him like an idiot. “Hi,” I mumbled.

“Lost?” Professor Black asked in a deep, sexy voice that I wouldn’t mind listening to the rest of semester. Students who knew me were trying not to laugh. Continue reading

My Crush’s Brother | Bradley & Zack

Sample from My Crush’s Brother | Bradley & Zack

MyCrushsBrother_03All the seniors from Newhal Beach High School crammed in Dan Freely’s camper parked on the edge of the sand. The wind ripped outside, and a party ripped inside.

I smashed myself between Rachel and her brother, Bradley, on the little hippy couch against the wall, handing her a fresh beer.

“Where’s my beer, honey?” he teased, throwing a thickly muscled arm around my shoulder. Our friends laughed, and I laughed right along, mostly because I was a bit intimidated by him. He knew I wanted to bang his sister and no amount of childhood friendship could erase that.

“Coming, love, gimme a kiss,” I teased back, puckering my lips at him. Brad laced a hand through my hair and drew me in. Drunk with happiness, fun, and a few shots, I let him press his lips to mine. His beard scraped against my chin and lips. Continue reading