Futa Harem | 1. Bad Boys Get Punished

Sample from Futa Harem | 1. Bad Boys Get Punished

FutaHarem“Faster, slave!” Lola commanded. She gave their new playtoy, Ken, a snap of the thong. He yelped and scrubbed the floor as fast as humanly possible, keeping his worried eyes dutifully on the task at hand

“Yes, mistress!” he cried. The five futinari surrounding him giggled. Their long legs were all around him, keeping him trapped in Hard Times Mansion. Above, he could see their short skirts lifted up by their huge, throbbing cocks.

When Ken first came in, he thought they were normal women. Until their dicks started growing. He’d been horrified. Amazed. He’d never seen a man with size enough to rival them. Even the biggest, black pornstars would’ve been put to shame by these ladies.

Each had a dainty hand on her massive appendage, stroking. “Better hurry, slave boy, or we’ll cum all over the floor. Then you’ll have to clean it again!” Precum dripped from the women all around him. He whimpered. scrubbing faster. Felicity, an otherwise innocent looking blonde, teased his cock with her foot. She rubbed up and down his hardon through the tight little panties they made him wear. Her pretty little does slid down his tight balls, separating them pleasurably. If he wasn’t careful, he might cum too.

“Ah! Too late!” Lola screamed, stroking her huge, Asian futa cock rapidly. It throbbed above him.

“No!” But just as he opened his mouth to scream, Lola bust her nut all over his face.

It set off a chain reaction. All five of the gorgeous futa around him were cumming, grabbing each other’s cocks and sharing the pleasure. Their big balls were capable of creating waves of cum, and now they were busting all around him, splashing him, and soaking the floor he’d just cleaned.

“Ohh!” the futa were gasping, rocked by their orgasms. They swayed dizzily, their huge tits swaying with them. “Oh no, slave boy. Looks like you’re not done!” They giggled devilishly.

“Sorry, mistresses,” he said, hanging his head. “Forgive me.” Secretly, he wished they’d punish him. Roll him over in their cum and make him jerk himself off with their seed.

But the futa weren’t paying attention to him anymore. They’d strutted over to the kitchen window, leaning naked on the sink, looking out.

A car engine rumbled. It kicked up dirt as it came barreling down the empty desert road. New victims.

“Ladies!” Ken jumped at the voice. The futa women whirled around, standing dutifully at attention.

“Mistress!” Lola answered for them. Lady Em leaned sexily in the doorway, her long jasmine flower print robe handing open.

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Cuckold: Broken by my Wife’s Doctor

Sample from Cuckold: Broken by my Wife’s Doctor

Cuckold_05“So, Steve,” Dr. Brinkman grunted as he fucked my wife on the exam table,  “by thrusting like this, you’ll stimulate her g-spot from the inside.”

I didn’t hear what he was saying. All I was registered was their heavy panting and the slap of skin on skin. The white, sterile exam room contrasted their filthy fucking.

“Oh doctor!” Lisa screamed, on hands and knees. Her ass looked gorgeous with her skirt hiked up and pink, frilly panties stretched between her ankles. Dr. Brinkman spanked her. Lisa was moaning loud. He tried to close a hand over her mouth to shut her up.

My dick throbbed. I grabbed it through my jeans, getting ready to take it out. It was getting hard to resist.

“God, you’re tight!” he grunted, thrusting fast. His white coat thrown open gave me a perfect view of his sculpted chest and abs. Brinkman looked as much a model for health and fitness as he did a medical practitioner.

“You fuck so much better than my husband,” Lisa panted, her voice rolling off her tongue with heavy, grating lust. I knew that meant she was going to cum any second

That was fast, I thought, whipping my cock out. I used a squirt of lube, provided by the doctor, from his desk and started stroking rapidly, trying to make up for lost time. With my cock all slippery and wet, I stroked myself, imagining what Lisa’s hot doctor was feeling.

But he was nearly twice as big as me, his long, hard stiffy ramming in and out of my wife. He was handsome and rich. Everything I wasn’t. Lisa drooled over him for years. She’d come home after her bi-monthly vaginal exam, and insist I go down on her, fuck her, do anything to get her off. She was so horny for him.

That was how we became a cuckold couple.

I’d always had a thing for submission anyways, so I let her have her way. Let this stranger take my wife in front of me and give her all the pleasure I couldn’t. I let them shame me. Let him examine my tiny cock, make disparaging comments about my size.

Dr. Brinkman collapsed on top of my wife now. He pushed her big tits out of her deep cut shirt and squeezed both of them hard in his hands. I could see his perfect ass flexing, his balls slapping her pussy, quickly tightening.

And then he was throbbing, creaming my wife. “Oh, Lisa!” he moaned, forgetting this was supposed to be a “learning lesson” for me. Without a condom, his seed filled her, and as he kept fucking, it gushed out her pussy and all over the exam table. It splattered on the panties stretched between her ankles.

“Doctor!” she grated. He let go of one of her tits and played with her pussy, still fucking her.

“This move takes practice,” he told me. “I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it, if she lets you mount her.” My wife tossed her head back in an explosion of orgasm, screaming so that it rang throughout the hospital’s halls. Patients and practitioners would assume surgery, death, birth, anything but polite, handsome Dr. Brinkman making his patient cum in front of her husband.

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Cuckold: Broken by my Wife’s Gym Trainer

A Sample from Cuckold: Broken by my Wife’s Gym Trainer

Cuckold_04“Just like that, Becca,” he panted. “Yeah, keep going.” My wife worked up and down, her tight, fit ass flexing. A mist of sweat glowed on her skin. From here, both him and I had a view of her perfect ass and pussy as she bent over the weights.

I shifted uncomfortably, feeling the cup under my gym shorts tighten.

“Almost there,” her trainer, Blame said, “One more!”

“Ah!” Becca gasped, letting go of the weights and standing up straight, stretching. “Holy crap!” She was shaking her arms out, breathing hard.

“Atta girl,” Blain said, slapping her ass right in front of me. “Ready for more?”

“Let’s do it!” My wife was always eager for more time with her trainer. She was in amazing shape because of it. Continue reading

Cuckold: Broken by my Wife’s Boss

Sample from Cuckold: Broken by my Wife’s Boss

Cuckold_03“You fuck so much better than Greg,” my wife panted. She could hardly get the words out, he was banging her so hard. But she managed, just for me.

Johan, this guy we found in Kinder, dug his fingers deep into her hips, rocking her back and forth against his cock. Eight-inches, and that’s why we contacted him. Cameron had to brace her arms on the backboard of our bed. He was completely ruthless. Her soft, big ass slammed against his gyrating six-pack with wet slaps.

“You like?” he asked with a heavy European accent. Beads of sweat formed on his brow.

“Me like!” she moaned, almost screaming now, orgasm rising. I could see it on her beautiful face.

Hiding in the closet, I could feel their palpable tension. Jerking as fast as they fucked, I heard my wife scream his name as she came. “Fuck,” Johan gasped, his thrusts becoming desperate in her pussy. His eyelids fluttered and then he was cumming.

After he’d screwed every last drop of pleasure out of my wife, he pulled out, letting his seed spill all over our bed. “Oops,” he said with a grin, marking his territory. “Guess he’ll find out I’ve stolen you.” Cameron and Johan shared a wet, sweet kiss.

For Johan, it was the excitement of claiming another man’s woman that got him off. He didn’t know I was watching. For me, it was the humiliation of watching Cameron get pleasured by a man far superior to me. My own smallness and shame, and then, of course, Cameron getting off, made me cum harder than anything else. But, I still felt like a random guy on Kinder wasn’t enough. We could do better.

Cameron got Johan dressed and sent him on his way, likely to never be seen again. I’d crept out of the closet quietly while they were downstairs. After throwing away my cum filled tissues and cleaning lube off my cock, I noticed the wet, gooey spot of Johan’s cum on our bed.

I scooped it with a finger. A weird thing to do, but I was alone. Examining the white fluid, I thought this is the physical evidence that my wife made another man cum.

Then I stuck my finger in my mouth. It tasted bad. The texture was just as repulsive as I thought it’d be. But I was rock hard again, and suddenly I had the urge to slather my cock in Johan’s seed and jerk myself until I had one more hot, dirty second orgasm.

But the door downstairs slammed shut. It snapped me out of my strange fantasy. I was never interested in anything to do with men, so why would I even consider using another man’s sperm as lube?

I washed my hands, then joined Cameron in our kitchen for a late night glass of wine.

Her dark locks were tussled, making her look both elegant and slutty. I liked that. She poured me a glass smoothly, a kinky smile on her lips. “Did you like that?”

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Breaking Him In | 6. Initiated by Bikers

Sample from Breaking Him In | 6. Initiated by Bikers

Breaking_06Against the dark of the night, a cigarette glowed, hanging loosely from Billy’s lip. Clave and the other guy stood around him, looking thuggish. “Thought you’d run off,” their leader said with his signature grin.

“I never run away from a fight,” I said, feigning ignorance.

“Hogson didn’t tell ya?” the third guy, a red-head with Celtic tattoos on his muscular arms, said. “Well you’re in for a surprise.” He flicked open his belt buckle.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself, Red,” Billy said, pulling something from his vest. A coil of rope. My heart pounded, but I stood there paralyzed. And then suddenly they were on me.  Continue reading

Cuckold: Broken by my Wife’s Black Boyfriend

Sample from Cuckold: Broken by my Wife’s Black Boyfriend

Cuckold_02A big, black man pounded my wife’s pussy again and again in our living room, on the screen of the family computer. His dark muscles were shiny with oil and as impressive as the coils of a man-eating python. He held her ass, just to keep her from being knocked over with the power of his hips.

Emily moaned with every thrust, like the air was being knocked out of her. Tossing her silky, blonde hair, she screamed his name, “Titus! Oh, just like that, yes!”

I had my bathroom pushed aside, my dick in hand, stroking furiously. My nuts were tight and ready to bust at any moment. Jerking off to your wife cheating on you was wrong, but that’s why I liked it. She screamed his name again, adding, “You’re so much better than my husband!”  Continue reading

Cuckold: Broken by my Wife’s Stepbrother

Sample from Cuckold: Broken by my Wife’s Stepbrother

Cuckold_01In the bedroom, Max stripped his shirt off, tossing it on the floor. I resisted the urge to pick it up and put it in the hamper or something. Tattoos traced up and down his back as well as his arms. He was broad shouldered with a nice V-shape. I didn’t know why he hadn’t picked modeling over repairing telephone lines.

“I’ll sit here and watch,” Niesha said with a kinky smile. She’d stripped down to her finest lingerie and I felt a little weird about her stepbrother seeing her in that. Sure, they weren’t related, but they had grown up together. Guess wealthy familiars are a little fucked up.

As I stripped down completely, revealing my pale, thin form, Max dropped his jeans. Tight, black briefs stretched over his sculpted ass. I was scared to see what he was packing. “Very sexy,” Niesha purred, watching her brother flex for us. I wilted slightly, ashamed. Max flashed Niesha his white toothed smile then turned around. Continue reading

Shared by my Step | 5. Bound

A Sample from Shared by my Step | 5. Bound

Shared_05Oh god, how do I get out of here now? — I thought, heart pounding. My stepbrother, Christian, seemed to have forgotten I was in the bathroom, taking a shower. Either that or he didn’t care. Because now he had a girl I recognized from school, Emma, on her knees. And that was all he really did care about.

“Faster, you little slut,” he said in a voice husky with arousal. Emma moaned, rising up and down between his legs rapidly. “Deeper,” he said, placing a hand on the back of her silky, blonde hair. Poor girl, I thought. My step’s massive dick was way too big for her. He pushed in as deep as he could go, feeling the velvet warmth of her mouth.

I had a huge hardon under my towel. I kept telling myself to just quietly shut the door, get back in the shower, and wait, but my legs wouldn’t move. Instead, I let the towel fall. Stroking myself, I panted along with Christian. Continue reading

The Step Billionaire & the Brat | 3. Disciplined

A Sample from The Step Billionaire & the Brat | 3. Disciplined

Sharesstepbillionaire_03“Mi Cielo, you’re a dirty girl,” Alejandro breathed into my ear. His deep voice gave me shivers of pleasure. But not as much as his hot, Spanish cock pounding my pussy did.

“Only for you,” I lied, pressing my mouth to his full, juicy lips. The bed sheets of my hotel suit twisted around our bodies as we tangled together. Alejandro hefted me easily on top with his strong arms. Straddling his tight, sculpted waist, I rode him, driving his cock deep, and deep again, into my pussy, feeling him fill me.

His face was hard, focused, orgasm rising within him. He let out a primal moan, grabbing my tits. And, throwing my head back, that brought me to peak too. His hot, warm cum filled me as I road him all the way into oblivion.

He was good, but he wasn’t my stepbrother.

Brent Waters’s face lit up on my phone screen. Struggling under my pile of clothes to try on, I hefted the mass onto the rack. “Parents again,” my friend, Lola, asked, giving me a sideways stare.

“Brent,” I said. Her face lit up.

“Ooh, tell him I say hi. He seems awfully concerned about you. Like all the time.” She put her hands on her hips. I grinned devilishly, looking down at his handsome face.

“He knows I’m getting in trouble, that’s why.” I flicked my thumb across the screen. Another image of Brent appeared, this one a live video feed. He looked tired. “Hey bro,” I said cheerily. Lola squeezed into the frame with me.

“Hi Brent!”

“Kylie, Lola,” he said formally, rubbing his eyes. “Enjoying your vacation?”

“It’d be more fun if you were here!” my friend said. I had to double take at his background.

“Are you on a…plane?”

“Yes. Kylie, I need to talk to you alone.” My heart leapt with giddy joy. I was in trouble.

“Uh-oh.” Lola took her pile of clothes and made a beeline for the dressing room. Before she disappeared, she gave me a thumbs up, mouthing, “Good luck.”

“Alright, we’re alone,” I said. “What’s up?” Brent slicked his dark hair back. Even completely jet-lagged, he was dressed immaculately and looked sexy as hell.

“Dad noticed some… interesting spending going on in your account.” Ugh. “Dad”. Brent’s dad, my stepdad.

“It’s my money and none of his business.”

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Blame it on the Night | 3. Gay for Pay

Sample from Blame it on the Night | 3. Gay for Pay

Blameit_03I kissed him hard, feeling his cock stiffening against my leg. Grinding on me, his flat, tan abs flexed. I had my hands on his hips. He tasted sweet, kissed with passion and experience, but there was a problem. I wasn’t gay.

“Very sexy,” purred the woman at the foot of the bed. His wife. Naked, she spread her long legs and touched herself, gushing with arousal.

When a hot babe approached me for my “services”, I should’ve known something was up. Two years ago, I moved to Vegas and got the idea to make some spare cash as a gigalo, I’d told my buddies, “hell no, I’ll never screw a dude for cash”. Well, now I felt her man slide his hands down my pants, grabbing my cock. He stroked rough and hard, exactly how I liked to be stroked. His heady man-scent filled my senses, and I felt hot waves of pleasure rush through my dick.  Continue reading