Banged by my Bosses | 3 Lust at Sea

This is a Sample from Banged by my Bosses | 3 Lust at Sea

BangedBosses_03“Men!” came a sharp voice from the darkness. We jumped, and quickly zipped our pants, squinting against the bright flashlight shining in our faces. Furious, Captain Palmer locked us in the crosshairs of his stern eyes. “What do you think you’re doing. You’re on watch!” he snarled. Our tails between our legs, we stammered, trying to find an answer for our boss.

“Come,” Palmer snarled. “You’ll need to be punished. Especially you, Thomas. Fooling around on the job. And lying to the Captain!” I hung my head in shame. Here I’d wanted to prove myself to him. But my horny dick got in the way. We followed him down the stairs to the first deck.

Palmer stopped and banged a fist on the First Mate’s quarters door. Elliot answered, wearing only a tight pair of black pants. His broad, muscular chest seemed to glow in the lamp light. “Cap’n?” He said.

“These boys were fucking around on the downlow on watch,” Palmer said. Elliot looked at us. Continue reading

Banged by my Bosses | 2. Triple X Talent Agency

This is a Sample from Banged by my Bosses | 2 Triple X Talent Agency

BangedBosses_02Mr. North’s bedroom door opened, finally. He gave me a serious look. “Please, come here,” he beckoned. I got off the couch and eagerly went in with him. Parker and I exchanged curious glances before North closed the door behind me.

“Yes sir?” But before I could get another word out, he grabbed me by the waist and threw me onto the big bed. I landed on my back with an “umph!”. In just a second, he was on top of me, hot and lustful. Almost furious with it. His hand groped sensually between my legs, pulling and stroking my cock. I gripped the bed sheets tight, my heart pounding.

“I know you want me,” he growled in a throaty, sexy voice. “You can’t pretend to resist me, Daniel. I always get what I want.” Mr. North pressed his mouth to my lips, kissing me passionately. His tongue swirled around mine. I kissed him back, tasting his smokey man scent, desperate for more.

“I want you,” I panted, as he unzipped my pants. A huge tent grew in his slacks and I reached for it, but he stopped me. Mr. North slid his soft, manicured hand into my pants and fondled me, stroking so skillfully that just that alone felt better than any blow job I’d ever received. My cock gushed pre-cum for him.  Continue reading

Banged by my Bosses | 1 Kinky Research

This is a sample from Banged by my Bosses | 1 Kinky Research

BangedBosses_01“Look, Jason,” Dr. Stone said, leaning back in his chair. “If you’re not comfortable discussing sex, perhaps this isn’t the right place for you.”

“I can talk about sex,” I said. “I like bondage.” Stone smiled.

“Good. Me too. Do you like being tied up or doing the tying?”

“I, uh…I never…” now I was really turning red.

“You’re a virgin?” he asked, knowingly.


“Then you’re still learning what you like. Fascinating.” He stood up. The doctor when around to his desk and started looking for something in one of the cabinets. Boy, I really fucked this up, I thought to myself, smoothing my hair. “Are you familiar with my partner, Dr. Noah Easton?” Continue reading

Alpha Gay Frat | 2 Pool Party Menage

This is a Sample from Alpha Gay Frat | 2 Pool Party Menage

AlphaChi_02Hunter heaved open the sliding door and the four of us burst out of the frat house. “Orgy!” Josh screamed at the top of his lungs. Everyone looked. And in no time, got to work. I watched, amazed, as those who still had their trunks on threw them to the ground. Suddenly, it was man-on-man action all around me as the naked, sexy bodies of my frat brothers collided. They ground their meat on each other’s asses and thighs. Steve was already going down on Brent, no foreplay needed. Some guys even had lube in their backpacks, ready to go. I couldn’t believe it. I’d never even seen the most elaborate porno produce something like this.

Josh jumped on my back. I stumbled and steadied myself as he started spanking my ass hard. “To the pool!” He yelled, pointing. I ran forward and, right as we were at the edge, jumped. All four of us cannonballed. I saw the hot, naked bodies of my brothers all around me.

We broke the surface.
Josh picked me up from the front. I wrapped my legs around his toned waist and ground my hard on against his. In the water, I was lighter. He easily grabbed my ass in his hands and supported me.

Hunter came from behind, his monster cock rock hard and ready. Terrified, I squeezed tighter to Josh. I’d never had anything in my ass before. Never considered it. But, now Hunter’s huge dick prodded me from behind. “Just relax,” Josh said, kissing my neck and moaning as he rubbed his cock against mine. I held my breath.

Hunter thrusted hard into me. His meaty hands grabbed my waist hard, holding me in place. I cried out. It hurt, but it felt good at the same time. Some deep seed of pleasure inside me was being explored. An orgasmic feeling that was completely new to me. “Good pledge, take it,” he grunted in my ear as he completely dominated me.

From the corner of my eye I saw Dylan sitting on the shallow steps of the pool. He watched us, dick in hand, stroking. My other brothers were hot, but more than anything, he was the one I wanted to please. I ground myself against Hunter, throwing my head back and moaning. Trying to be sexy. Dylan’s eyes lit up. He stroked faster.

Tumultuous waters swayed all around us as the orgy hit full swing. Around me, brothers were sucking and fucking in all positions. Pearls of cum floated in the water and the summer air was heavy with the smell of male orgasm.

A pair of hunky guys grabbed Josh from behind and tore him from between my legs. “We’re gonna show you to pants us,” one grunted, bending him over the wall and fucking him in the ass. Josh moaned with pleasure, taking his pounding eagerly. In front of me, I watched amazed as another guy got behind the first and started fucking him. Then another. They made a human centipede of rock hard cocks in the splashing water. I felt the need to cum rise in me even more.

Read what happens next…

Alpha Gay Frat | 1 A Hot Hazing

This is a Sample from Alpha Gay Frat | 1 a Hot Hazing

AlphaChi_01Liam put a hand on my shoulder and brought me in close. “I got a move that never fails.” I nodded, eager. “You and me make out.” He let go of me and let that sink in.


“You heard me. They love it. You like watching girls do it, right? Same thing.”

“I don’t think girls work like that…” I said, not exactly repulsed, but pretty sure Liam was fucking with me. Or punishing me.

“What the fuck do you know about them?” he challenged. And he had a point.

“How do we…?”

He took a step closer to me, putting an arm sensually around my waist. Behind us, the girls watched with curiosity. Liam looked at me with his charcoal gray eyes. “You have to enjoy it,” he said in a low, amorous voice. “Look for things to like.”  Continue reading

Breaking Him In | 5 Prisoners of Passion

This is a Sample from Breaking Him In | 5 Prisoners of Passion

Breaking_05“Thought you weren’t gay.” Jace looked up at me and rose from his bunk. He came over to mine and I shrank down in it, afraid he’d kick my ass now. Jace sat down next to me.

“It’s not about gay or not gay,” he said. “It’s about finding a way to get your rocks off when all you got to work with is men.” He looked around the cell at nothing in particular. “You go from getting some pussy everyday to nothing.” He snapped his fingers. “Just like that. Man can’t go on living without any physical contact. Right?”

“Right,” I said, though my sex life felt a bit like a prison sentence.

“You horny?” Jace asked, looking down at me. I swallowed. I’d just cum earlier this day… but after so little contact for years, I was just begging for more. It was like Hudson triggered something inside me. Now the flood gates were open. I answered Jace truthfully.

“Yeah.” Jace stood and looked out the cell from behind the bars holding us in, looking left and right. Continue reading

Breaking Him In | 4 Filled By My Bosses

A sample from Breaking Him In 4 | Filled By My Bosses

Breaking_04Mr. Grayson reached a strong hand into the cabinet and removed something. He turned around to face me. Cool, blue eyes fell on me, calculating and intense. I almost felt myself shrink under his gaze. For one the best lawyers in the city, Mr. Grayson looked young, maybe thirty. But something behind his eyes made me think he was experienced beyond his years.

“You studied at MUA, made top of your class, and landed an interview here, of all places,” he said. “What made you hungrier for success than the others?”

“I work hard,” I said. “Very hard. I want to be the best.”

“No,” Mr. Grayson said. “You did it because of fear. Fear of not being the best.” He held me under his intense gaze.

“That’s not true,” I said, feeling brave suddenly. The words spilled out of me. “You have no idea. You-” Grayson threw something on the desk in front of me. It clanked. A silver male chastity belt. “Uh…What’s this?” I’d never seen something like that before, but there was no mistaking what the long, silver tube was for.  Continue reading

Breaking Him In | 00 All Holes Filled by the Seniors

This is a Sample from Breaking Him In | 00 All Holes Filled

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Breaking_00Trent, Kade, Jett, Lance, and Braden all stripped off their shirts, ready to pump some iron. Light from above shown off their perfect, tanned muscles. Kade got on a bench and went right to work, eager to feel the burn. I stood in the corner, feeling more than a little self conscious. “Gotta start somewhere,” Lance said to me. “We all did.”

“I know, but. I mean, I might be meeting that girl later. And I don’t wanna be all sweaty…”

“Jake,” Jett said. He sat on one of the benches, looking up seriously at me.  “That was me texting you. She is a he.”

“What? No way.” Silent, Jett took out his phone and sent a text. Bzzt!

SECRET: U got played.

I frowned. “Why? What’s going on?”

“Don’t be mad,” Braden said. “You don’t have an admirer, but you got five.” My heart pounded. I was mad. Furious. But strangely turned on. The guys spread out around me in the small weight room. Kade and Lance blocked the door. I looked at Jett and Braden in front of me. Their dicks swelled, stretching their trunks. They were rock hard. Hard for me. “We wanna dominate you,” Jett said. “And pleasure you. We’re gonna make you cum again and again and again, until your sac is empty.” Now I knew why Secret knew exactly what to say. My little cock stiffened in my pants. Jett saw it. He smiled.  Continue reading

Breaking Him in 3 | College Cam Boys

Sample from Breaking Him In 3 | College Cam Boys

Breaking_03He hit RECORD.

“One thousand, two hundred, and fifty-five people, tuning in,” Carson read off the screen.

“Oh,” I gasped. Nothing changed in the room, and yet everything changed for me. My dick throbbed hard, knowing everyone was seeing my shame. Seeing skinny little me being dominated by a pack of superior men. Swallowed whole.

Releasing the hammer of a dong straining against his jeans, Carson stripped and jerked himself as he watched. He read comments off the screen.

“That’s right, fuck his pussy ass hard. Make that twink cry for mama.” He turned to me. “Oh, we will.” I quivered with fearful delight between Jon’s lips.

Luke pushed me to get off the bed. “Turn around,” he commanded. “On your knees.” I listened, Jon disconnecting from me. My little dick waggled in the air, helpless and cold from Jon’s spit. Luke sat down on the bed, facing me. His huge boner bounced in my face. He grabbed my hair roughly and guided me into his lap. “Suck it.” I hesitated. It was one thing to have another guy suck you… but this. “Taste it,” Luke said. “You’ll like it.” It couldn’t be that bad. I opened my mouth and slowly took Luke’s head in. His cum slathered my tongue, tasting strong and bitter. I didn’t really like it. But what I did like was the way he squirmed under my mouth. “Mhm!” he sighed, tossing his head back. I went for it, taking him all in. Blowing him as fast as I could. Continue reading

Breaking Him In 2 | Ship WRECKED (Gay Dominance MMMM Menage)

This is a sample from Breaking Him In 2 | Ship WRECKED

Breaking_02I followed him into the wheel room of the ship. I looked around at all the GPS equipment, impressed, while the Captain dug around for something. “Here we are,” he said, and tossed me something black.

At first I thought it was some kind of miniature net. For putting the crab in, or something. When I untangled it, I realized it was a little man-thong, with a mesh pouch for the balls. The hole in the center was for your dick to hang out, I supposed.

“Is this a joke?” I asked.

“No.” Captain Toby paced the floor. “My men are lonely. Horny. They resort to jerking each other off in the shower. I want them to have something better than that.”

“Me?” The Captain just looked at me, like he had nothing else to explain. “You’re serious?”

“Put it on. And then I’ll show you I’m serious.” I swallowed. “Go on.” Under his cold gaze, I submitted. Dropping my pants, then my skivvies, to the floor, I slipped the thong on. The mesh pouch held my balls in tight. I fished my limp, little cock through the hole.  Continue reading