Sample | Turned: 05 Pizza Boy Menage

This is a sample from Turned: 05 Pizza Boy Menage

Turned_Star“My buddy, Luke, is gonna cover your tip,” he said above the music. Luke dug out his wallet.

“You can have this,” he said, taking out a twenty dollar bill and showing it to me. “Or this.” Then he pulled out a wad of cash. “Two thousand.” Looking at the fat stack, I was practically salivating. “If you suck my dick.”

“Hell no!” I stood up. Even on my feet, the two men were still tall and imposing. “I’m outta here.”

“Three thousand,” Luke said.

“I don’t suck dick,” I said, my eyes darting between the two giants. They blocked my way.

“One thousand if you let me suck your dick,” he said. Wesley nodded,

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TURNED: My Bad Boy Billionaire BFF

This is a sample from “TURNED: My Bad Boy Billionaire BFF

Turned_Star“Ever gotten a hand job before?” Nico asked.

“No.” I hadn’t had much luck with girls. I wasn’t that interested in them. Really, they just made me nervous.

“Hunk like you? You’re missin’.” Nico scooted closer to me on the couch. I looked him up and down rapidly, unsure. Our hips touched. “Let’s switch.” Before I could say anything, his hand went between my legs and grabbed my cock. He stroked me, his grip different than the way I touched myself. It felt good.

I reached into Nico’s pants and pulled his cock out. I’d seen a lot of dicks in my time. I watched porn after all. Nico’s huge, throbbing member was definitely in the league of pornstar’s.  I stroked him and liked it. My mind kept telling me this was very gay. Very wrong. But it felt right.

Breathing heavily, our stroking rhythm began to match. “Ben,” Nico said in his deep voice. He let go of my cock, so I did the same. Turning to me, he brought his face in slow, and for some reason I was held captive, curious. The light stubble on his cheeks brushed against my face. Then his full lips touched mine.

My heart raced as his fingers wove through my hair, luring me into a passionate kiss. My tongue swirled around his and my mind went into bullet time, firing off a million thoughts about why I shouldn’t be doing this.

What would the guys from baseball think? The kids from church? My parents?

The throb of arousal stirred my dick, freezing all thoughts. Our lips broke apart. Nico’s warm breath beat across my chin. He looked at me, gauging my reaction.

“Is this okay?” he asked. I just stared back into his cobalt blue eyes. My mind was still being blown by that kiss. He pulled back.

“Yeah,” I answered quickly, drawing him back in. I pecked him on the lips once, then again slower. Our bodies melted together as I leaned back on the couch, Nico on top. He kissed me hard, with passion. Fast and rough, so that our tongues and breath became a blur.

Nico gripped my waist tight and pressed us together. My bare erection slid against his rock hard dick between our stomachs.

Nico sat up. He unbuttoned his tight fitting shirt. With every button, more and more of his tanned, chiseled abs revealed themselves. Shrugging off the shirt, he tossed it.

My hand glided up his body and grabbed one of his beef pecks. He grinned. “You’re a natural.”

“Maybe it’s the beer,” I said. He glanced at my half finished bottle.

“Sure.” I sat up brought my lips to his perfect, hairless abs, kissing and licking. Really, I wanted to kiss the massive hard-on between Nico’s legs.

“How far do you wanna take this?” he asked.

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TURNED: Se-Queer-ity | A Sexy Sample

Security Guard, Max Reynolds, follows the sound of an alarm up to the forbidden floor of the Stonewell mansion. The only alarming thing he finds is his new boss, bare naked and ready to fuck!

This is a Sample From TURNED: Se-Queer-ity

“Stay,” a deep, stern voice commanded.

No doubt, this was Mr. Stonewell. He had Calvin Klein model good looks. The kind that earn you authority and respect. Hints of silver ran through his hair.

But mostly what I noticed was the massive hard-on he sported under his rippling abs. His cock looked about eight inches; twice the size of mine.

He looked me over too, squinting discerningly. That beeping noise ringing in the background. It crossed my mind that he probably knew I was sporting a man-thong under my uniform.

“You’re the new guard,” he said, but it wasn’t a question. “What’s your name?”

“Reynolds,” I answered, as he turned away from me and walked to the wall. “Max Reynolds,” I corrected. He flicked a switch and the beeping stopped.

“You’re a rule breaker, Max” he said. My heart sunk. It had been a test. “Come on,” he walked past me out of the bedroom. I followed, not sure if I was about to be fired.

We crossed the hall to the next room. Mr. Stonewell opened the door and disappearing into its darkness. I hesitated. “Come,” he demanded. I stepped in and he shut the door behind me.

“Mr. Stonewell. Look, I’m really sorry about popping in on you. I was just—” a dim light flicked on.

We were in a different kind of bedroom. My eyes fell on a bed of luxurious burgundy sheets. Black restraints dangling from its legs. Holy Shit.

Click. Mr. Stonewell, standing behind me, removed my weapons belt from my waist. “Whoa, whoa, whoa!” I said, whirling around and backing away. He cinched the belt around his bare hips.

“Max. You must be punished for your defiance,” he said.

“Punished, no, I—” Mr. Stonewell removed the police baton from the belt and snapped it to full length with a flick of his wrist. “Take it easy, man,” I held up my hands, as if that would protect me from this hulk of a man.

Heart pounding, I considered my options. I could make a run for it. Even with my military training, fighting Stonewell would be a risk. I eyed his massive cock, intimidated by that alone. He could grab me, throw me down. Overpower me.

In the tight mesh that held my cock captive, I felt a twinge of desire. Stonewell’s eyes hypnotized me. He was fierce. A beast. I wanted him to punish me.

“Turn around, Max,” he demanded. Slowly, I obeyed.

Powerful hands swiftly forced my wrists together behind my back and bound them tight with latex tape. He unzipped my pants and they fell around my ankles. I was exposed, my ass vulnerable with nothing but a piece of dental floss over it. I felt my cock swelling bigger.

Stonewell grabbed me and I gasped. My cock and balls vanished in his big hand. “You’re tiny,” he said. “What a disappointment.” I could feel his massive eight-incher prodding my back. He shoved me down onto the bed.

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Haunted Hearts: Part 4 Sample

This is a sample from Haunted Hearts: Part 4

Nestled in the cool, fresh forest lawn, the attack of the werewolves and the ghosts at the bar were long behind us. Sid scooted up against my back, arms wrapped around my shoulders. My ass rested in the curve of his waist. He nibbled at my ear.

“I could bite you,” he whispered playfully. “And then you’d be one of my kind.” Jack rolled over. My face was met by his warm, bulging pecs. I ran my fingers through his thick chest hair.

“Share the human,” he teased, reaching across me to caress Sid’s waist. I heard the familiar click of Sid’s belt buckle popping open. Jack’s hard on grew against my stomach. Sid’s sprang out of his pants against my ass.

“Mhhm,” the vampire moaned in my ear. He breathed heavily as Jack fondled his cock with long, slow strokes. “Faster,” he said.

“Tease him,” I commanded Jack. I wanted to feel Sid squirm against me. “Or I’ll tease you,” I said, undoing the button underneath Jack’s hard, sculpted abs. I tugged his pants down, freeing his thick, long dick. I spat in my hand and stoked him up and down, from the tip of his cock all the way down to the base. My hand worked with slick, wet speed. In my other hand, I held his balls firmly.

“Yes, ma’am,” Jack breathed. Following my example, he spat in his own hand and wetted Sid’s cock, but stroked him slow. I felt the vampire shudder against me, irresistibility rising in his loins.

“We’ll see who can take the teasing longer,” he barely managed to say. I felt his cool hands slip under my shirt and down the front of my panties. With speed and accuracy, two of his long fingers slipped into my juicy cunt. The other pulsed slowly over my clit.

“Oh,” I breathed into Jack’s chest. It felt amazing. But soon I found myself trying to thrust my waist faster into Sid’s hands. The vampire tightened his hold on me. He was in complete control of my pleasure and how quickly I received it. “Jack!”

“Don’t worry. I’ll drive him mad,” the werewolf said. His arm, resting over my side, shook me as he jerked Sid off rapidly. The vampire panted against my neck. His hands, in my pants, trembled.

Suddenly Jack stopped. “Fuck,” Sid breathed. “You bastar—” Jack stroked him fast again. And stopped again. “God, I’m so close.”

“I know.”

With a jerk, Sid tore my pants down to my knees. Thrusting, he pushed out of Jack’s hands and between my legs. Wet with spit, his cock slipped easily into me. “Ahh,” he gasped, taking his time to savor me pussy with slow, deep thrusts.

“Thought we were sharing,” Jack said. He kicked his pants all the way off. One second I was looking at his chest, then his six pack, then his massive cock was in my face. I licked the head, teasing him with swirls from my tongue. Then I took it all the way in.

Fucking my harder, Sid didn’t stop playing with me with his hands. He made my pleasure match his. I grabbed Jack around the waist to control his cock, and sucked him as fast and hard as Sid fucked me.

Two cocks in me at once, both men groaning with pleasure, was too much for me. I came.


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He’s in the Band: A Rock Star Erotic Romance Tale

This is a sample from He’s in the Band: Part 1

His motorcycle was my new favorite thing. Its thundering roar rumbled in my chest. Jay swerved adeptly between two cars and rounded a street corner with grace.

My hand, resting on his stomach, drifted down to the warm curve of his thigh. Without doubt, I knew he wanted me. I wanted him. And I wanted to forget Richard.

As if possessed by a nympho, I let my hand slide up to the crotch of his jeans. His package felt soft and heavy in my hands. Through the tight material, I ran my thumb across the curve of his cock, over the head, and down the ridge between his ballsack. He moaned and grabbed my hand with his gloved one.

Guiding me, he made me squeeze and tug gently. As we turned another corner, he put both hands back on the handlebars and I continued massaging his growing erection. It formed an obvious tent in his pants, bigger than when he’d popped a boner onstage.

At the stoplight, an old couple rolled up next to us in their Buik. They stared. But I wasn’t going to stop feeling Jay up for them. Jay flexed his thighs, thrusting into my hand lustfully.

On green, he floored it, forcing me to grab him even tighter. He moaned loud enough, I heard him over the roar of the bike.

“Stop,” he said suddenly, pulling my bike away.

We slowed to a stop and pulled over on a street. Jay swung a leg over and turned to face me on his bike. He threw his helmet on the ground. Bewildered, I looked up into his face. He looked fierce.

Jay kissed me hard. His soft lips worked against mine, his tongue slipping into my mouth. Grabbing a handful of his messy hair, I kissed back. The natural curve of the motorcycle seat forced his throbbing erection between my legs. Knowing his way around a woman’s body, Jay rocked his dick against me.

His hands dropped away from my waist. Ziiip. I looked down. Jay Stoling’s bare cock, huge, straight, and as thick as any pornstar’s, pushed against my abdomen. “I want you,” he whispered. “Right now.”

I glanced around the empty street. You only fuck a rockstar once, I thought. I got off the bike and tore off my slacks. Tying them into a somewhat concealing makeshift skirt around my waist, I hopped back on the bike.

“Resourceful,” Jay said.

“Mr. Stoling,” I said, in my reporter voice, “Is this off the record?”

“Very off.”

I leaned in and he slid his cock into my slit. “God,” he breathed, “so wet.” He leaned back against the handlebars and looked up at me in disbelief. I rocked myself up and down his cock. Every time I came down, his eyes rolled up and he gasped with ecstasy. His massive cock filled me so completely that I brimmed with my own pleasure, something a man had never really accomplished before. I bounced on him faster. His hands wandered up the front of my shirt. He grabbed my breasts through their lacy bra hard.

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Turned: Gay for My Frat Brother

A Sample From Turned: Gay for my Frat Brother

Part of me was terrified.

My dick was super hard already, anyways. When he turned around, he’d know how I felt. So I took the plunge.

My hands traveled slowly around his hips to the front. They glided down his taunt stomach. He hadn’t stopped me yet. I let my right hand drop and caress his balls.

A ragged breath escaped Mikey’s lips.

I gripped his rock hard dick and felt up the shaft. It was thick and long, like it’d never end. My hand swirled around his tip, then I stroked back towards his body again, letting my fingers drag under his big, swinging balls.

“Keep going,” he breathed, leaning his head back against my shoulder. My free hand wandered up his chest. I grabbed one of Mikey’s muscular pecs and pulled him against me. With my cock tucked up between his cheeks, I pressed myself against him, desperate to know what he’d felt earlier, when he was between mine. I stroked him again, slowly up, and when my hand came back down, squeezing harder, his glutes quivered with pleasure against my cock.

“Oh god,” I gasped. I’d never touched anyone like this. I needed more.

I kissed Mikey’s neck hard and sucked it. He tasted good. Different from a girl. My hand worked fast, up and down. His massive dick felt amazing.

“Put it in,” he said. I hesitated.

“I’ve never…”

“It’s easy.” He bent, hands against the shower wall, and gyrated his hips, guiding my cock to his smooth hole. I felt it against my tip. “You can go slow,” he said.

I pushed. Our entire were bodies slippery with water and soap. My cock slid in smoothly. His tight asshole squeezed my girth all the way down, balls deep. For a moment, I just remained like this, bent over him and enjoying the warmth and tightness around my dick. “You can keep going,” Mikey teased.

“Sorry,” I said. “I went braindead.”

I rocked my hips back and forth. He braced himself against the wall and pushed himself against me in rhythm, so every thrust went all the way. I couldn’t believe how tight he was, and how amazing this felt.

I started to get comfortable and go fast. One of my hands wandered down between his legs and gripped his hard-on. I jerked him at the same time. “Don’t worry about me,” Mikey said. “This is your first time. I want it to be about you.”

“I’m gonna cum,” I gasped.

“Nope!” Mikey pulled away suddenly and left my dick in the cold.

“Ah shit, what the hell?” I panted. “I’m gonna get blue balls.” Mikey faced me, and came close, feeling my chest.

“No you’re not.” He looked up at me, biting his lip seductively, “You’re gonna get your first blow job.”

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“Turned: Gay for my Frat Brother” Out now


Jake’s a virgin and he doesn’t know he’s gay. It takes his frat brother/Olympian god of a roommate, Mikey, to show him.

“Turned: Gay for my Frat Brother” is the first in a five part series of hunks discovering their love for cock. Next installment: “Se-QUEER-ity”, a security guard takes the plunge when he finds out the sexy billionaire he’s protecting has the hots for him.

FREE on Amazon “He’s in the Band: Red Eye High”

He's in the Band 01

A rockstar erotic-romance

Fine arts journalist, Sheryl Longstorm, struggles to deal with getting dumped by her filandering boss for the hot, new intern. When she thinks her job situation can’t get much worse, he sends her to cover a story on a dirty, sweaty punk rock band called “Red Eye High”.

It doesn’t take long for Sheryl to realize this assignment is just what she needed to break out of her rut. All it takes is one look at Red Eye’s guitar playing lead singer, Jay Stoling, shirtless and tattooed in his tight black jeans. A true rock god, with attitude to match his looks. What Sheryl doesn’t expect, though, is that Jay wants her as much as she wants him.

Her boss is jealous. His bandmates disapprove. Their romance makes no sense to Sheryl herself. But she climbs on the back of Jay’s motorcycle anyways, for a wild, sexy adventure.