Haunted Hearts: Part 3

This is a sample from Haunted Hearts: Part 3

Sometime in the middle of the night I woke up suddenly to the sound of a loud thump. The shower was running. I opened my eyes groggily and saw a pin of light shining through the hole in my bedroom wall. Steam rose out of it.

I checked my phone for the time. It was about one in the morning. Curious to see if Sid had come home, I went to the hole to take a peek.

Jack stood alone, naked, facing me with his huge, limp cock. His balls swung low, warm and relaxed. My heart jumped in my chest as the bathroom door opened. Sid slipped in and shut it quickly behind them.

“Didn’t think you’d come,” Jack said in a low voice. Sid eyed his body up and down lasciviously. He swallowed.

“I couldn’t help myself.” They came together. Sid closed his eyes, tilting his head up to Jack. He rubbed his lip gently over the other man’s. With a pale, slender hand he grazed his black beard. His other hand reached down between the werewolf’s legs and grabbed his cock and balls. As he tugged gently, Jack swelled in his hands.

“Who’s turn is it?” Jack asked, longing in his gruff voice. My eyes bulged from my head. The way he looked down at Sid, with such lust and tenderness, was nothing like their encounter earlier today.

“Mine,” Sid grinned.

“Bullshit,” Jack grinned.

“You fucked me over. Jane was mine,” the vampire said, stern. “You owe me.” Jack shrugged,

“That’s fair.” Sid released the other man’s genitals. His hands dropped to his sides and he stood still, waiting. A blank object for Jack to satisfy.

Jack rubbed Sid’s obvious boner through his jeans. “Eager, huh?” With easy grace, he slipped Sid’s black teeshirt over his head and tossed it in the corner of the room. He undid his belt and pulled Sid’s pants and boxer briefs to the floor. His erection bounced out. With a coy grin, Sid stepped out of them and kicked them to the side. Drooling at their rivaling hotness, I compared the size of each man. Sid’s cock was long and pale. He was so hard, his penis was angled slightly up. Although slightly shorter, Jack’s cock made up for length with impressive girth and huge testicles. They were so big, I had no idea how the man walked. He must feel them all the time, squeezed into his jeans.

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