NEW Haunted Hearts (Part 1: Vampire Werewolf Erotica) Cover Reveal

Jane begins her new job restoring the old, spooky Killjoy Bar, forgotten deep in the Kentucky woods. Despite the place’s ghostly reputation, Jane is going to live in it. However, she isn’t doing it alone. Her two incredibly hot male coworkers seem a bit off… Jack reminds her distinctly of a big, sexy wolf-man. And Sid, who’s oddly cold and pale, never seems to sleep… what could that possibly mean? Both have the hots for Jane and battle jealously to get in her pants. As she happily obliges the men of the Killjoy bar, she realizes they all has secrets… even if they’re the Dead.
This story is for mature audiences only. Contains explicit material and depictions of hot sex. Orgies, voyeurism, nymphomania, werewolf and vampire sex, and ghostly possession abound. (MF, MM, MMF)
*All characters are consenting adults over 18 years old (spirits included).