Bad Magic: Part 2

She looked up. In the dark I could see her eyes glittering villainously. With her wild dreadlocks and gaunt face, she looked insane. Despite all I’d seen, I felt uneasy. “This is stupid.”

“Don’t be scared, Brack,” she croaked. I shivered. It was a woman’s voice, but something was wrong with it. It sounded like it was coming from somewhere very far away. She looked back down to her table. On it were three objects. An open book, a red candle, and a knife.

I’d never seen the Sun Weaver’s home to look so terrifying. “Tonight is very important. If you want to get Gia back. Before she’s been fucked to a bloody pit of a cunt, that is.” She was right. If I were to fight the Shadow Man, I needed the strength Kiona had.

Kiona threw her head back and chanted into the air a language I didn’t know. The room turned cold. A low rumbling filled the air. The candle flame went out. “They’re here.” She smiled lasciviously. Suddenly her head wrenched back.

“Braaaack!” I covered my hands with my ears. The air roared with a hundred deafening voices. “We see you, helpless man. Bring us the soul of Skohland the Shadow Man and have your woman. Do you concede?”

Cowering, I answered, “yes.”

“Then fuck us!”

“What?” my voice shook. Kiona’s head turned down to look at me. Her eyes were rolled up into the back of her skull. It seemed like her mouth moved as if a hand were guiding it up and down, trying to make her look concious.

“Fuck all of us!”

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Bad Magic is Now Available


A dark, medieval tale of the romance between a Sun Worshipping Virgin and the demonic Shadow Man who has come to claim her as his slave. 

Gia is a Sun Weaver; a gifted sorceress of the sun and a respected patron saint of lovemaking. Her path in life was set until a mysterious demon rolls into town hungry for pain, destruction, and her. Skohland, known as the Shadow Man, thrives on all things bad and when he finds Gia, he thinks he will have an obedient sex slave to do with whatever he wants. As they delve deeper and deeper down the path of wicked, sadistic sex, he realizes perhaps she is more powerful than he thought. 

Warning: This story contains depictions of hot sex, depraved lust, sadism, violence, and dubious consent. Not for those under 18 years of age or the faint of heart.

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